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rylie – 10 months old

We’ve reached double digits!



  • Clapping
  • Talking REALLY loudly
  • Crawling
  • Pulling herself up and standing on her legs
  • Saying “Dada” and “Mama”
  • Food (doesn’t matter what kind… she’s obsessed with food!)
  • Dancing (rocking back and forth or pushing her booty out)
  • Scooting around in her walker
  • Watching Veggie Tales
  • Interacting with animals
  • Giving Mommy and Daddy hugs before we lay her in her crib ❤



  • Getting dressed
  • Being held when she wants to move (crawl)
  • Not eating (haha)






Her eating routine hasn’t changed much, although we try to give her more finger foods. She’s been obsessed with food recently which is hilarious but also challenging because we can’t constantly feed her. But she really only makes a big fuss when it’s around the time we would normally feed her anyway, so sometimes we adjust the timing by like 15minutes but otherwise, we’re pretty strict.



Rylie’s sleep strike was short lived (praise God!) and we are back to sleeping through the night. Aaron has had to get up with her a few times but it’s just because she’s fussing because she lost her pacifier but she’s too asleep to know where it is and grab it herself. Sometimes she wakes up and is super alert, but 9 times out of 10 she’ll fall back asleep on her own.


Right when I accepted that we might not crawl at all and just become a walking baby, she did this weird motion BUT it’s basically crawling so we’re very proud of her. She puts one leg up and uses the bottom of her foot to move and just drags the other leg behind her. It’s odd looking, but whatever works 😛


Our girl is a talker, which is so fun and hilarious! Now we need to work on volume  haha she usually talks quietly or at a normal volume but every now and then she yells. And I’m not talking about a cute little yell, it’s is a loud, can be heard across the house, yell. “AHHHHHH!!!!! AH. AH.” She does it to make a statement I think but it probably doesn’t help that when she does our eyes get really big and we just smirk at each other. The other night I tried to put my finger up to my mouth and say “shh. Inside voice Rylie.” But she just looked at me and then yelled again haha.


This month flew by! But Rylie is amazing and it’s so fun to watch her grow, learn new skills, and develop more and more of her personality.



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