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bump update :: week 4 – 8



When I did these with Rylie, a lot of you shared how much you enjoyed reading them and watching my bump grow. Since the day I found out I was growing a little human, I’ve been keeping track of my symptoms, food aversions + cravings, sleep, what I’m looking forward to that week, any baby related purchases we made and fun stories that happened that week.


As I get out of the 1st trimester, I’ll start doing them weekly, but right now my tummy hasn’t grown much so there was no point in taking weekly photos.


I hope you enjoy reading the early stages of my pregnancy with baby #2! 🙂




Week 4:

Symptoms :: Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty!

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Water (even though that’s not a food)

Sleep :: It’s pretty normal.

Looking Forward To :: Embarking on this journey again (& doing weekly bump updates 😉 ). I was really looking forward to telling Aaron too because I knew he was going to be excited!

Baby Purchases :: Nothing

Fun Stories :: Finding out was a pretty “fun story” 😛 I also started taking my prenatal vitamins again, and when I swallowed it, I made a face and said outload, “oh my gosh! I forgot how huge those things are!” haha




Week 5:

Symptoms :: Thirsty and I have to go to the bathroom a lot

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Nothing specific. It all sounds good to me 😛

Sleep :: During the night, it’s normal. But I wake up exhausted every morning (even if I went to bed early)

Looking Forward To :: Nothing specific

Baby Purchases :: Nothing

Fun Stories :: We’re still telling friends and family about our news and it’s been so fun to hear everyone’s reactions.




Week 6:

Symptoms :: Nauseous

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings ::  Chicken & dumplings (which Michelle was super nice and made for me!)

Sleep :: Went to bed early, slept in, but still woke up tired L

Looking Forward To :: The part in my pregnancy when I feel better.

Baby Purchases :: A few baby books like, “I’m a Big Sister” and “The New Baby” for some of our favorite storybook characters like Franklin, Daniel Tiger, Arthur, and Berenstain Bears for Rylie to have and take some pictures with.

Fun Stories :: I felt super nauseous on Friday morning while I was at work, so I asked my boss if I could leave early because I couldn’t even make it to my desk without feeling yucky. Thankfully, he said I could go. I apologized and said, “I’m so sorry! I never get sick so I promise this isn’t a normal thing.” As I was leaving he asked, “Are you pregnant? You know how women get nauseous when they’re pregnant.” I quickly asked myself if I wanted to tell him right then and there or if I wanted to wait until I had an ultrasound picture. I decided to wait and I said, “I don’t know… I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.” 😛




Week 7:

8week ultrasound

Symptoms :: Tired. Always tired.

Food Aversions :: Not just 1 thing, but I was very picky and would say, “that doesn’t sound good!” or make a “yucky face” if something was mentioned that didn’t sound good.

Food Cravings ::  Random things like Pringles, Oreos (which I never ended up getting), fruit

Sleep :: Took me a while to fall asleep, but once I did, I was gone. Woke up tired though :/

Looking Forward To :: My 1st Dr. appointment

Baby Purchases :: Nothing

Fun Stories :: We had my 1st Dr. appointment and Aaron came with Rylie. All the nurses were flocking to her and awing over how cute she was 😛 I made the comment, “Yeah you guys don’t see a lot of babies outside of bellies, do you?” and they all laughed. When we had our ultrasound, Rylie was smiling the whole time. She obviously is very excited to be a big sister! On another note, after my Dr.’s appointment we shared our news online. It’s been so fun to read everyone’s comments and have them share in on our excitement! I also told my bosses at work, and they were very excited for me.




Week 8:

Symptoms :: Tired, per usual.

Food Aversions :: Super random, but I cannot stand crusts right now. If I eat any bread, I tear the crust off. But some food just doesn’t sound good in the moment.

Food Cravings ::  Sausage and egg sandwich, fruit, Mexican

Looking Forward To :: Hearing our baby’s heartbeat again at my 12 week appointment

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror the other day and I stopped, pressed my shirt to myself, and turned to the side. “AARON!” I called. “What?” He calmly said as he walked in. Wide-eyed, I said, “I think I have a bump already…” Sure enough. It’s not very noticeable, but my stomach is not as “flat” as it was before.

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