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bump update :: week 9 – 12

Alright, this is the last “group” bump update for this baby. Starting next week (week 13), each week will be individual with an actual photo of my growing belly 😉




Week 9:

Symptoms :: food has been more challenging this week. I feel like I have to constantly eat to not feel “yuck.” And I’m constantly very tired.

Food Aversions :: Sugar (ice cream, cookies, etc).

Food Cravings ::  Tacos, fruit, bagels

Looking Forward To :: feeling “normal” again. I’m super blessed to feel as good as I do, but it’s still tiring to not feel 100% all the time.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing. We’ve started making a list but we probably won’t get any of it until we know the gender and have our baby shower.

Fun Stories :: some people didn’t see our initial pregnancy announcement, so we still have people at church (and at my office) that say, “what!? You’re pregnant!? Congratulations!” Some immediately follow up with, “how old is Rylie?” and when I respond, their eyes usually widen and a look of concern comes on their face. I quickly follow up with how excited we are that they’ll be close in age.




Week 10:

Symptoms :: I’ve felt pretty good this week. Tired and hungry per usual though.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Fruit and Pumpkin Pie.

Looking Forward To :: Hearing baby’s heartbeat at my next dr. appointment.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories ::  Like we did with Rylie, we’re keeping our baby’s name a secret until we reveal the gender. It’s been fun playing around with names and seeing how each other reacts to ideas. I offered a couple the other day and Aaron’s facial expression was, “seriously!? No.” haha worth a shot though, right!?




Week 11:


Symptoms :: I’ve been feeling “off” for a majority of the week. It could be exhaustion, but I’m also taking a closer look at what I’m eating. I eat a fairly balanced diet already but there are things I can do to improve it.

Food Aversions :: A lot of stuff mainly just doesn’t sound good.

Food Cravings ::  Nothing specific.

Looking Forward To :: Knowing why I haven’t been feeling good (I asked my doctor at my appointment and she said I’m probably not getting enough protein and she encouraged me to drink even more water. So I’ve made sure to have some form of protein in every meal and keep my water bottle full of water and easily accessible at all times. Since then, I’ve been feeling better – praise God!)

Baby Purchases ::  Nothing.

Fun Stories ::  I had my 12 week doctor’s appointment (it was 2 days before I actually turned 12 weeks so close enough 😛 ) and the ultrasound tech came into my room and brought an iPhone looking device in and said that was how I’d get to see the baby. Aaron didn’t come with me to this appointment, so I asked if it was okay if I took pictures of the screen. She said that was totally fine and even told me when to take a little video so I could get the heartbeat. I’m so thankful she let me take a few photos that I can treasure and look at when I want to “see” the little one growing inside me ❤ I texted Aaron the photos and he said, “Oh my gosh! It looks like an actual baby this time! No wonder you’ve been so tired lately.” Hahahah thanks babe 😉

After she left and I was waiting for my doctor to come into the room, I laid down and closed my eyes (my thought was if I wasn’t at work, I should take a nap haha). When she walked in, I sat up and explained why I was laying down. She said, “oh my gosh, girl, if you want to take a nap, turn this little light on and turn the big light off and you just fall asleep!” “Wow. Okay. Thanks! You’re awesome!” hahahaha.




Week 12:

Symptoms :: I’ve been feeling pretty good this week all considering. I’m still tired but that’s nothing new 😛 Also, my pants are feeling a little too tight these days 😉

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Chinese, popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries and fried chicken.

Looking Forward To :: Wearing Fall maternity clothes 😀

Baby Purchases ::  Nothing.

Fun Stories ::  I’ve had quite a few people say, “Oh yeah, you’re pregnant! I forgot….” And I respond with, “that’s okay. I forget sometimes too!” and they usually laugh. To be honest though, it’s kind of true. I’m just so busy that I get distracted. I haven’t literally “forgotten,” I just don’t think about it 24/7 like I did when I was pregnant with Rylie. But I have a lot more going on in my life this time then I did when I was pregnant with Rylie, so it’s understandable.

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