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i sell usborne books!

Back in August, I was invited to an Usborne Book Facebook party by a friend in my mama tribe. I was excited to go (I had never been to a Facebook party before and let me say, it was AWESOME! I got to stay home, sit in my PJ’s, phone in hand and interact like I was at a real party! Heck yes.) and I learned so much about the books. I had no idea how cool they were! There’s one book series that you can shine a flashlight on each page and another picture pops up – um, hello!


During the party, you could ask the gal who was “selling” the books anything you wanted, so I asked her questions about her business. Her answers intrigued me, so we ended up personal messaging and I basically asked her every question under the sun about being an Usborne consultant. I had been a consultant for Mary Kay and that did not turn out well, so I had some frame of reference of what I DID NOT want to do again. I was surprised to hear how straight forward, fun and easy being an Usborne consultant was. I decided to purchase the starter kit (the onetime fee to join – which was super affordable for everything I got) and start on the journey.


I joined partly because I thought “what a great way to earn some extra money,” but also because I wanted the discounted accesses to all the books. I grew a major distaste for reading in High School, and I hate that. I’m trying to become more disciplined and make time for reading and enjoy it again. That being said, I never want my kids to have this struggle – I want my kids to love books and the adventures they bring. I love how Usborne has great stories and is so creative with their book styles. Oh, did I mention they have options for all ages (babies – teenagers)!? Rylie loves every Usborne book she owns and I love sharing these unique books with my friends! They’re always shocked by how entertaining, imaginative, educational and affordable the books are. 😀




My goal for this business is (1) to bless mamas with a good time at the Facebook parties. (2) show off how phenomenal the books are, & (3) I would love to get to a point financially where this is my full-time job.


Right now I’m throwing Fall Harvest themed Facebook parties OR a Cozy Christmas themed Facebook party (my hostess gets to choose which). Each hostess gets a certain amount of money in free books and with the holidays coming up, it’s a perfect time to get your kiddos some fun stories!


If you ever want to host a party, let me know! Each season brings different themed parties you can pick from AND different hostess rewards! 😉 Plus, new books are constantly being released.

Or if you have questions about becoming a consultant and working with me (I’ll brag and say I’m A LOT of fun to work with 😝 ), feel free to ask me any and as many questions as you want!


I’m excited for this journey, and I hope you’ll come along with me! 😊


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