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rylie – 11 months old

It’s almost been a year, and we’ve officially started planning her 1st birthday party… I have some mixed emotions.




  • Going to church (this has always been a favorite, but now she doesn’t even turn around to say “bye” to us. She just immediately starts playing haha)
  • Crawling
  • Walking in her walker (or “running” as we like to call it)
  • Talking to her Cheerios (she has a story for each of them)
  • Eating “big-people” food (mainly fruit)
  • Saying her new words (Ohhhhh, Uh-oh, Bo – descriptions below 😉 )



  • Not having the ability to move
  • Being left alone at night
  • Having her front top 2 teeth come in



(this is a very accurate picture… can’t. stay. still. hahahah)




Eating is still a favorite in our household. She gets a 4oz bottle and 1 container of baby food at 8am, 12pm, and 4pm. At 7pm (her last feeding) she gets an 8oz bottle. Cheerios are still our favorite treat (she can recognize that yellow box from across the room) and she LOVES fruit (she’s tried strawberries, watermelon and blueberries – all were a win). She also learned how to drink out of her sippy cup, so we make sure she stays hydrated throughout the day as well.


Rylie has recently decided to move her nap schedule from 10am and 1pm to 1pm and 4pm… no idea why. She also will occasionally wake up after we’ve put her down for bed and be wide awake. We’ll try multiple times to get her to go back to sleep, but it just won’t happen. This has caused both Aaron and I to be up for 3 or 4 hour stretches. Yay (rolls eyes). On a humorous note, we lay her on her back when we put her down. Well, she has started rolling over, sitting up, and just hanging out in her crib for a little bit. When I first noticed this (I glanced at the baby monitor), I started laughing because it was so weird to see (and I didn’t know she could do that 😝)


Crawling is a piece of cake now, and Aaron and I have been caught off guard multiple times by her speed and new ability to get into things. “Rylie, no!” is a new sentence that she actually has caught on to. It is so fun though and I often find myself calling her from the other room and I’ll look down and there she’ll be! 😀


We’re still not one bit worried about our girl’s ability to talk. She now can say Dada, Mama, Papa, Ohhhhh, Uh-oh, Bo (which means “bye”), Num Num (which is related to all food) and she makes this odd sound whenever a 4-legged friend is around that I can’t even try to type. She is still very animated when yelling. “AHHHHHH!!!!!” She loves doing that in the grocery store as well and we always follow up with, “shh – inside voice Rylie!” But most people who turn to look usually start giggling.


This past month really showed us how smart Rylie is. She is catching on to things really quickly and it’s so fun to watch her discover more and more of the world.


…now to get back to planning that 1st birthday party… :/ 😛 😀



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