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we’re having a…

At my 12 week doctor’s appointment (which was back in September), my doctor told me that if we decided to, we could pay a little fee out of pocket (insurance wouldn’t cover it) and get a “Sneak Peek” ultra sound and, if baby cooperated, we would know the gender a month before our scheduled anatomy scan (which happens around 20 weeks). Since we are in a better financial position then we were at this stage with Rylie, we opted to get the “Sneak Peek” and find out our baby’s gender a month early.


Aaron, Rylie and I went in for my 16 week appointment on Tuesday (10.17.17). Everything looked great and my doctor was very happy with my health and the baby’s. We heard the heartbeat and it was nice and strong (in the low 150s), which always brings a smile to our faces. Once we had finished with her, she sent us over to the ultrasound part of the office so we could find out the gender.


As I was getting comfortable on the table, we expressed our desire for her to write it down so we could open it later so it’d be a surprise. She was very sweet and said she could definitely do that. She said she’d show us baby’s body first and then she’d find out what the gender was. We saw its mouth opening and closing and legs kicking ❤ This baby likes to keep one arm up by its head, which is so cute to see through the ultrasound. The tech printed us extra photos then what we were supposed to get and we deeply thanked her for her generosity! I’ve actually had her a couple times now, and she remembers me which I think is so kind (I mean, seriously, she sees hundreds of women between my appointments)! “So, how sure are you?” I asked the tech as I was sitting up and pulling my shirt down. “Oh, if I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t give this to you.” She kindly said as she handed Aaron the taped up envelope that had our baby’s gender in it. She said, “congratulations either way! 😉”  We smiled and thanked her as walked out.


We went into the lobby right before the elevators (there is never anyone there) and took our video while we opened up the envelope.


Once we found out (haha you thought I was going to spill it there, didn’t you!? 😝), we confirmed the name we had picked, walked to our cars together, and I said goodbye to Rylie and Aaron for the day and drove to work.


So all that to say, we’ve kept it quiet for a couple days now, and we’re ready to spill the beans.














Emmaline Victoria Shaver







From fairly early on in my pregnancy, I felt like it was a boy. My symptoms were drastically different then when I was pregnant with Rylie and I really felt like God had told me baby #2 was a boy. If anyone asked us what we thought we were having, we said, “a boy” with no hesitation. Both Aaron and I were convinced. So much so that we had a boy name nailed down for weeks before I suggested we come up with a girl name just in case (although I had no intention of actually using it, I just didn’t want to find out we were having a girl and be completely unprepared).



As we waited for the results, I was a little anxious, but really only because it would be confirmed. Something about crossing into this stage brings me such bittersweet emotions. Happy because we know the gender and we can start calling the baby by its name, be more intentional as we pray, and start preparing things (baby stuff, nursery theme (even though we’re not as intense about it as some people), and clothes), and sad because the anticipation goes away. Thankfully, it is replaced with the eagerness to actually meet the baby in person, which I am very excited for! 😀


So even though you know what we’re having, it’s still fun to watch the video of Aaron and I finding out:






In the video, you’ll notice how shocked we were. “Are you serious?” is one of the first things out of my mouth. When the video turned off, I looked at Aaron and said, “God has such a sense of humor! Before we had Rylie, I was convinced I was having all boys and maybe one girl. Then we found out Rylie was a girl and I cried, remember!? I didn’t know what to do with a girl! I vented to my Mama Tribe small group ‘What if she likes the color pink?’ And now, He’s giving us another girl! Two. That’s TWO girls!” We both giggled at the memory (which of course I completely take back now because I love Rylie to pieces and she is exactly what our family needed!) and even though we were excited, we reminded each other that God gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. Our family is incomplete without Emmaline, so we desperately need whatever God has instilled in her.


Two girls. Wow. I feel such a responsibility to raise godly, strong, and loving Christian women, and I’m honored that God has entrusted Aaron and I with two girls to raise this way.




So all that to say, we welcome you to join our family in prayer over our sweet baby girl, Emmaline!



7 thoughts on “we’re having a…”

  1. So beyond thrilled for all of you!! I know you will be continuing to swim in pink but no worries!!
    My hubby, Jim has loved being a Daddy of two girls forever!! He lovingly calls us his harem & hands over $$$ & credit cards whenever it was needed (especially @ college & weddings)!! Yes, both were in college at the same time & weddings too, along with a surprise baby!! Throughout it all, God has been at the helm of our marriage & took care of us all (now with 5 grands) & blesses us continually!! Love to you, Aaron & Rylie😍❤️


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