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bump update :: week 16

Week 16:

16 weeks

Symptoms ::  Is a growing belly a symptom? 😝 I’m deficiently showing now and you cannot mistake it for “eating too much!” I’m pregnant. It’s obvious. Hahaha. Oh, AND I’ve broken into my maternity clothes. I can still fit into most of my normal clothes (there are a couple pairs of pants I’ve just accepted I cannot wear anymore and the rubber-band around the button did not last long lol) but maternity clothes are way more comfortable at this point.

Food Aversions :: I haven’t really avoided anything lately.

Food Cravings ::  Eggs. I (still) have to have them every morning. And the other night I really wanted Mexican.

Sleep :: Per usual – once I’m asleep, I’m in a deep sleep! Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or if there’s a loud noise outside but both are pretty rare.

Looking Forward To :: Is it weird that I started thinking about a baby shower today and what I wanted it to look like? 😊

Baby Purchases ::  Since we’re having another girl (and I saved all of Rylie’s clothes), there’s not a whole lot we need to purchase. But we did go to the thrift store and we bought a newborn beanie (so cute!) for her to wear at the hospital and a Christmas onesie (because it was too cute and cheap to pass up! I mean, 79 cents… hello!). I also had to get some “work friendly” maternity clothes. With Rylie I didn’t buy much because I was at home all the time so I just wore shorts (because it was summer) and Aaron’s t-shirts. But I can’t get away with any of that at work so we expanded my wardrobe. I got lots of great options that look really cute and will last a long time for less than $60 (which is the price of a shirt at Motherhood Maternity in the mall).

Fun Stories ::  A couple days before I turned 16 weeks, we found out the gender! I wrote about the experience so  you can check that post out BUT some people didn’t see the announcement online so we’ve gotten to see people’s reactions and it’s been entertaining! Pretty much everyone has shared in our surprise that we’re having another girl but everyone agrees with us that having 2 girls so close in age is going to be so much fun! Just daydreaming about Emmaline – what she’ll look like, what traits she’ll have, her relationship with Rylie, our family dynamic, etc. – has been a lot of fun for me. Oh, and I’ve felt her kick twice this week! They weren’t very hard and they were both short but very sweet ❤

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