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mama’s beanie

Alabama’s weather is weird… Fall doesn’t really hit until mid-late October and even then it depends on who you talk to as to if it’s really Fall or not. Some people will be bundled in their flannels and boots, where others will still be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But there’s no denying that the last couple days, it’s been C.O.L.D!


Sunday night (10.29.17), we went to a nearby park for a couple hours. When we left, I had Rylie dressed in layers, socks + shoes, and I grabbed a jacket + a hat. Well, when we got to the park and I wanted to put her beanie on, I was astonished when I found the hat I had grabbed was too small. I shouldn’t have been surprised – Rylie has outgrown a lot of things in the last month, but now I had a problem. My head was cold even though I was wearing a beanie, so I knew her head was cold. Aaron suggested I give her my beanie, and in attempts to keep her warm, I gladly gave it up. It is an oversized beanie for my own head, so it was ginormous on Rylie’s 11 month old head. We rolled it a couple times (which made it look somewhat Russian 😝 ), but it did the trick.




We didn’t stay at the park much past dark because once the sun went down, the temperature dropped and I was very cold and Rylie was not enjoying being wrapped in two blankets. But we learned a valuable lesson…  we need to add “beanies” to our “need” list haha

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