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letters to rylie || 1 year

rylie love,


how did we get here? time flew by and suddenly you’re trying to walk, eating a mix of formula, baby food and food off our plates, and saying more and more words. what happened to my cuddly, cooing, nursing babe?


there is so much about you that i am in love with, but because there isn’t enough space on the internet or time in a person’s life for me to write them all, here are just a few –




JOY. daddy and i really believe you have the calling of joy on your life. since the day you were born, you’ve been bringing people joy. you were born on a day that had our nation stressed out – torn between two candidates, two viewpoints, and november 8th was the day we got to choose. it was not a birthday your daddy wanted you to have, but you were too big for mommy to hold anymore, so the doctor said you had to come that day. the second we saw you, instant joy and love overwhelmed our hearts! your photo was posted on social media a few hours later, and you made people’s stressful, scary, uncertain day better. you made it brighter. from that moment on, you have brought a smile to our faces every day. you make strangers in the grocery store smile. joy, rylie. that’s your gift. you make the worst day one of the best just because of your grin.


CURIOSITY.  now that you can move, your inquisitiveness has grown. at home, it means not wanting to be stopped and roam while wondering what is behind the cabinets in the kitchen. in our yard, it means walking around seeing all the animals and whipping your head when you hear an animal say “hello.” in public, it means being quiet and straight-faced while you take in the new sites and people watch – eventually pointing and saying, “ohhh.” you know no fear, and i love that. never lose your bravery and sense of curiosity baby girl.


BEAUTY. daddy and i say we feel like famous people when we go out with you because we always have at least 3 people come up to us and comment on how beautiful and happy you are. you are such a gorgeous little girl – inside and out. that dirty-blond hair and piercing blue eyes will steal anyone’s heart in a nanosecond, but the inward beauty you are already exhibiting is what keeps everyone close by.


SMART. you catch on to things so quickly, and you understand so much of what we say and do even though you can’t repeat it. your love for story time makes my heart happy and watching daddy teach you how to turn the page is precious (and now you’re not even caring about the story because you just want to turn the page).




are there a million more things i could write about you? without a shadow of a doubt. but ultimately all you need to know is this –

mama loves you

daddy loves you

but more than that, jesus loves you!


i love you more than anything in this world rylie love. you have made my life so much better. i was so scared when daddy and i found out you were a girl because i felt like i wasn’t the right mom for you, but the second they handed you to me, i knew i couldn’t imagine life without you. you’ve added so much to me, and i am forever thankful that i get to be your mama! ❤


so now you’re a 1 year old, and life will only get more fun, lively, and interesting. i am excited to enter this new journey of toddler-hood with you.


i love you!


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