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the triplets – 1 year old

November 1st was our sweet pup’s birthday, so since it was their 1st (and they’re part of the “triplets,” and I just wanted celebrate them lol), last night we had a little celebration for them (and by celebration I mean Aaron made them birthday hats, they got some dog treats, I took a couple photos and I made Aaron sing “Happy Birthday” with me 😝)

{Side note} can we just admire everyone’s faces in the photos? Rey with her hat and Rylie’s side-eye hahahahahha




Looking back at photos of when we first brought them home, I wish I would have taken more photos and videos. I was so focused on keeping my 2 month old content that I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I wanted to. But I am so thankful for this year and how great they’ve turned out to be. We have some more training we want to do with them, but they are so loving, loyal and smart.


Seeing the puppies is one of Rylie’s favorite things to do when she goes outside. She is in love with them and gets a very focused face when petting Kylo (he’s usually the one who sits the closest to her) and letting them lick her – although she opens her mouth which is gross…




Happy 1st Birthday Kylo & Rey!


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