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rylie – 12 months old




  • Eating Blueberries
  • Walking with the help of her walker (until she falls… then she does not like it! But she’s always willing to try again.)
  • Chasing Mommy and Daddy around the house in her Finding Nemo walker OR being chased (she laughs so hard when you catch her. It’s precious!)
  • Being tickled
  • Reading books (mainly turning the pages)



  • Being put down for a nap or bedtime (even if she’s tired)
  • Staying asleep for longer than 4 hours (this is a big problem for us right now…)
  • Watching us prepare her food
  • Cuddling (unless she’s sleepy)




Food is Rylie’s love language. She still gets a 4oz bottle and 1 container of baby food or fresh fruit at 8am, 12pm, and 4pm. At 7pm (her last feeding) she still gets an 8oz bottle. Unless she’s had some of our dinner as well, then we cut down to a 6oz bottle. Cheerios are still a recognized favorite, but fruit has definitely passed it up. She wants everything on our plate, and we try to find what is appropriate for her and give it to her. The other day we gave her spaghetti and she slurped (literally! She sucked the noodles!) every last bit.


Since I’m working fulltime, I’m not 100% sure when naps are, but I do know she gets one in the mid-morning and one around 2pm. Bedtime is usually between 7:15 and 7:45pm depending on how good her naps were (and consequently how cranky she is). We’ll lay her down and she’ll usually fuss and wedge herself into the corner of the crib or put herself in some other strange position before actually falling asleep. It’s really funny to watch in the baby monitor sometimes.



We crawl like a speedster and now we’ve moved onto walking. If she’s holding our hand, she can go pretty long distances. But we taught her how to use her walker in end of October and she’s still a little uncertain (she gets scared when she falls from it) but she’s getting the hang of it. She likes to pull up on things too. She will sit with books and toys but not before she’s expended a bunch of energy but absolutely prefers to crawl everywhere, climb on top of anything (particularly Mommy’s growing belly 😝 ) and explore every inch of the space she’s in at the moment.


Our vocabulary has grown this past month. Our dictionary now includes:

    • Dada
    • Mama
    • Papa (which usually comes out as a whisper)
    • Oh
    • Uh-oh
    • Num num (is associated with food and is said a lot in the highchair)
    • A squeal when an animal comes by
    • Bo (which used to mean “bye” but now means “book”)
    • A-du (which means “a dunk” for when she’s playing basketball OR, if said loudly and forcefully, is in attempts to get Daddy’s attention)

She’s super smart though and knows what socks are and where they go (on her feet), and when she’s holding something or hands us something, we say its name and I think she’s catching on. It’s kind of amazing how many names we have for things haha.



This year has, without a doubt, been the fastest year of my entire life but was so full of new and fun memories that it feels like it went slowly. Rylie has brought more joy into my days than I ever thought possible. I love her so completely and it’s the most consuming, vulnerable, heart-wrenchingly strong, protective, I’d-do-absolutely-anything-for-you kind of love I’ve ever known. And isn’t it amazing that that’s not even a fraction of how God feels about us – his kids!? Overwhelming.






Well friends, that wraps up our monthly updates. Thank you for watching Rylie grow and celebrating each new milestone with us! It’s been so fun to document.



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