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bump update :: week 21

Week 21:


Symptoms ::  I know I said this a few weeks ago, but I’ve tried to fit into some “pre-pregnancy” shirts and it’s so obvious that I just shouldn’t anymore. I guess it’s all maternity clothes and Aaron’s clothes from here on out 😝 haha

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Pumpkin pie (so it’s a good thing we had some 😉 I had a slice every evening this Thanksgiving weekend)

Sleep :: When I was off work for Thanksgiving weekend, I slept every night so deeply and it was great! But when I had to go back to work I didn’t sleep very well… maybe I was worried about missing my alarm (even though I had 3 set lol)

Looking Forward To :: The Christmas season. I realize that’s not baby related though 😝

Baby Purchases ::  Nothing. But we’ve started to talk about what we need to get before she comes vs. after.

Fun Stories ::  At my anatomy scan appointment a couple weeks ago, we found out that my placenta is on the front, so my doctor told me it might be harder for me to feel the baby kick because the placenta is kind of in the way. So even though Emmaline was kicking up a storm during the ultra sound, I only feel her kick every so often. There have been multiple times where I’ll feel her kick and I’ll ask Aaron if he wants to feel (which he always does) and as soon as he sets his hand on my belly, she stops… and doesn’t start again. 😝

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