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snow day 2017

On Thursday (12.7.17) there was some inkling that there might be snow on Friday (12.8.17), but having a few “cried wolf” moments  before, I didn’t take the weatherman too seriously. But when I woke up at 6:30am on Friday with intentions of getting ready for work and looked outside to find it covered in white and more coming down, instant joy and surprise overwhelmed me. Aaron was up shortly after me and we sprung out of bed and got ready to go outside. Rylie must have known something special was going on because she woke up while we were getting ready so we got her bundled up to experience her first snow.




My mom had just brought my old snowsuit from when I was a toddler as a gift to Rylie. We all knew it was highly unlikely we’d ever get to use it, but it was a fun keepsake to have nonetheless. None of us would have thought it would have actually been used a couple weeks later.



Rylie was very focused and taking it all in so we didn’t get a ton of smiles from her outside, but we both could tell she was greatly enjoying the wonder of it and she was constantly looking out the window when we were inside.


Even though we had Rylie in multiple layers, her face still got cold so we limited the time she was outside – which consequently limited the time I was outside. But when I was outside with Aaron, we transformed into children. Snowball fights, building a snowman, catching snowflakes on our tongues – the only thing missing was sledding.




The road by our house was crazy! There was a line of cars trying to get up the hill and eventually a police officer showed up trying to help. A friend of Michelle’s told her that our road was covered by the news (Birmingham’s major news station) and was deemed “impassible.” Our school district and the school districts surrounding us were all closed and Church of the Highlands actually postponed an event I had planned on attending that evening. All that to say, by 9am, I sent my boss an email sharing all of this and telling him I wasn’t going to be coming into the office.



Much to our surprise, the snow fell nonstop until about 5pm that evening. At 11am we had over 4 inches, so by the end of the day I’m sure we had close to 6 inches if not a little more. It was so peaceful and made us wish we lived somewhere where it snowed every year.




I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to vlog some of the day as well, so here’s our video capturing the winter wonderland 😊

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