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bump update :: week 23

Week 23:


Symptoms ::  I’ve had some mild discomfort in my lower back a couple times, and I get very uncomfortable when I walk fast (my belly starts to ping in pain) so I’m forced to slow down. But when I sit down and put my feet up I really have no interest in moving 😛 Oh, and she likes to kick / move around after meals (specifically lunch) and right before I go to bed.

Food Aversions ::  Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Sushi (which I can’t have… ☹ )

Sleep :: I know I’m not supposed to sleep on my back anymore (sleeping on your back can compress a major blood vessel that disrupts the blood flow to the baby, so it’s not recommended during the 2nd half of pregnancy), but I keep finding myself there when I wake up. The pregnancy body pillow helps to keep me on my side though. Sometimes I’ll wake up around 4am to her kicking me 😀 I don’t mind that though…

Looking Forward To :: Getting to put the nursery together.

Baby Purchases :: A crib. YES – I don’t think we even had a crib for Rylie at this point. Aaron found another amazing deal that we just couldn’t pass up – $50 for a used crib + mattress (brand new, cribs cost $100-$450 and a brand new mattress is usually $50-$200). It transforms into a toddler bed too which makes it even more valuable!

Fun Stories ::  At church on Sunday, I had a couple people say, “wow – you’ve really popped this last week!” Personally, I feel like I’ve been showing for a couple weeks now, but I do wear a lot of baggy clothes so it may not have been super obvious to others until now. Oh, and when it snowed on Friday, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some bump pictures, so Aaron took my camera and we did a mini photo shoot. ❤

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