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letters to emmaline || 24 weeks in my belly

My dear Emmaline,


Are you cozy in my belly? You’ve just started kicking me hard enough that I can feel it and it’s been so fun to feel you move around. At our ultrasounds, the tech tells us that you are very active, so I have a sneaky feeling you’ll be a very energetic kiddo too. You especially love to move around after I’ve eaten lunch and right before I go to bed. Sometimes you wake me up before the sun (and way before my alarm goes off) with your kicks, but I don’t mind. Daddy can feel them now too which makes him smile so big.


I know we both can’t wait to meet you. Rylie is excited to meet you too! She says “baby” often and likes to pat my belly. Can you feel her loving on you? She is going to be such an amazing big sister – you are going to love her. I pray you girls are so close and have a special bond that is unbreakable! ❤


We are over half way through our time of it just being you and me, and I pray every day that you keep growing big and strong. Time has flown by so quickly little one, but we still have a few weeks to go. So in the meantime, you keep growing and we’ll keep getting things ready. 😉

I love you baby girl!




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