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moving day

From the moment I got home from work on Friday (12.15.17) at 5pm, it was a mad-dash of packing. With Christmas 10 days from our closing date, we wanted to get into the house ASAP so we could spend our first Christmas there without a huge pile of unpacked boxes surrounding us.


We loaded up both our cars with the things we had already packed and went over to our new home. Our first meal in the house was Chick-Fil-A and Rylie did not eat all of her dinner because she would take a bite and then crawl around, and then come back for another bite, and then go back on her adventure. Dinner was followed by Aaron walking around and planning where our stuff would go.




On Saturday (12.16.17) we got started at 8am. Since I’m pregnant, my job was to pack boxes (and not move them!), tell Aaron + whoever was helping what could be loaded, designate what box went where at the new house, and keep Rylie. Our bedroom and storage had a few boxes ready to go + furniture was good to be moved but Rylie’s room hadn’t been touched, so I got started on that. Rylie found great pleasure in taking things OUT of the box. I laughed and told her she was being very helpful, but that we needed to be putting things IN the box and when we got to the new house, she could take them out. She never really caught on to that concept, so I just packed really quickly.


We took a total of 2 loads on Saturday (4 cars packed full of stuff + a trailer) before exhaustion kicked in (and it was way past Rylie’s bedtime). We pulled clothes for church the next morning and drove back. Rylie slept in our room in a pack’n’play because we had moved her crib to the new house.


After church on Sunday we took 1 more trip (both our cars full of stuff), stopped at WalMart to get a few things, and got ready to stay the night for the first time in the house.




In attempts to not waste a moment, we put up the fake Christmas tree that Aaron purchased for this house immediately. It’s 12 feet tall and I still have no idea how we’re going to finish decorating it and get the star on top, but our ceilings are really high so it allows us to have a tall tree – which we totally capitalized on. I’m not even mad that it’s a fake tree because I’m just in awe of how great it looks.




On Monday, life happened. And by “life happened” I mean we needed things that were in boxes (some things I knew exactly which box they were in, and others we had to dig around for it), it became apparent that we needed to eat “real food” (not take out), and get started on the embarrassingly high laundry pile. This is when we realized that we take some things for granted. For example, the house came with a fridge in the basement, but not in the kitchen. It’s on our list to get one in the next couple weeks, but in the meantime we’ve been using the one downstairs. It has become a trek to get milk for a quick bowl of cereal haha. The house also did not come with a washer or dryer so that’s on our list to get as well. And of course just the process of cleaning, unpacking and getting settled. There has been a lot of, “hey, do you know where this is?” But we got all of the utilities set up in our name and we just got internet the other day so it’s coming together.


We are so thankful to have a place to call “home!”




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