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bump update :: week 25

Week 25:


Symptoms ::  Emmaline is definitely an active little one. She loves to move around and kick me. It’s so firm that it can be felt from the outside now. It’s getting uncomfortable to get up and down from places and bending over is a no go – squats all the way  😝

Food Aversions ::  Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Ice cream! I’ve craved it pretty much every day and haven’t gotten any 😦

Sleep :: If I want to turn, I wake up, roll over, get comfortable, then fall back asleep. Otherwise, I sleep great.

Looking Forward To : After the new year, we’re going to start talking about baby shower / maternity pictures and hopefully get those dates on the calendar.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories ::  With Christmas being this past week, it was crazy to realize that next Christmas we’ll have a 2 year old Rylie AND an 8 month old Emmaline. Imagining what it might look like was fun and although we had a great Christmas this year (more on that in tomorrow’s blog post), we know next year will be even more entertaining.

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