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thankful thursday #2

I am loving this new addition to the blog! It’s a great way to keep me accountable to finding things that I’m thankful for throughout the week.


Let’s jump into it –





  • School starting back

We had our first class of our 4th semester this last Tuesday (1.9.18) and talk about a powerful way to start our final stretch. Looking over our syllabus, I can tell it’s going to be a busy few months (oh, and don’t forget we’re going to be having a baby in the middle of it all… oh boy 😝 ). But we’re excited to finish this journey strong!


  • Library cards

I felt like a 5 year old the other day when I walked into the library and asked the lady behind the desk for a library card. Some ladies at my office have been talking about books lately and one of them told me that she loves listening to books that she rents from the library (similar to Audible but it’s a system the library uses so every book on there is free with a library card. They have an app too so I can listen through my phone 😃 ). With my desire to read more this year, I thought listening to books would be a great way to get that ball rolling. So this week I went to the closest library during my lunch break and got a library card. I am so excited to have one and am really thankful that the idea of borrowing books and this method of “audio books” was even created.


  • “Heaven is For Real” by Todd Burpo

I immediately put my new library card to good  use by renting a book that I have heard about for years but have never had a chance to read – “Heaven is For Real” by Todd Burpo. It’s a true story about the 3 year old boy, Colton, who goes to Heaven, comes back and tells his family about his experience. Written a few years after the life-changing experience by his father, it is a phenomenal book and so much of what Colton shares lines up with scripture. It tugged on my mama-heart, challenged my thinking, made me laugh and got my wheels turning. It was an easy read too (well, an easy listen 😛 ). I HIGHLY recommend it!




God is so funny how he confirms things. So I’ve had on my heart to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness on a regular basis and then the message on the 2nd day of 21 days of prayer & fasting was Pastor Chris sharing that something God really wants is us to express gratitude to him. I’ll share more of the mini-message in tomorrow’s blog post – so stay tuned – but I thought it was such a sweet confirmation that “Thankful Thursdays” is a great way to share some “material” things I’m thankful for.


What are you thankful for this week?

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