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the baby doll & the rocking chair

I realized the other day that there hasn’t been many posts about Rylie lately on the blog, so I scrolled through our photos and I noticed they’re pretty scarce. I’ve been so focused on enjoying the 2 hours of family time we get every evening before she goes to bed that taking photos of her hasn’t really crossed my mind. Plus, the couple times I’ve gotten my camera out, she has become extremely curious and either wants to touch the big black lens that clicks loudly or she freezes and makes a deadpan face – which is a complete misrepresentation of her joyful, inquisitive, constantly on the move self. But despite the challenges I’m already experiencing of getting good photos of a toddler, it has become a new goal of mine to find a rhythm where I can capture her and all her curiosity and development. Wish me luck! 😛


So to kick this new enthusiasm I have for documenting the toddler life, last night we played with her baby doll for a solid half hour. She found so much joy hugging it, watching us hug it, burping it, patting its head, playing with its eyes that close when you lay it down, and holding on to its arms and bouncing it in front of her while she chatted away and laughed.


She also realized that she was big enough now to make the rocking chair move, and she took full advantage of this by lunging her body forward and backwards to make it move. This could have continued for hours if we hadn’t stopped her to get her ready for bed.


Simple – but I love the story that goes with the unedited photos. And as always, thank you for sharing in them!

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