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letters to emmaline || 30 weeks in my belly

My sweet little girl,


You are so active – your big sister never moved around as much as you do! You love to punch and kick me unexpectedly and it surprises me because it’s so strong.


I’m trying to be more intentional about taking time to slow down and enjoy you in my tummy. I get so easily distracted with what’s going on around me that sometimes I forget to relish this precious time I have with you! I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re in 2nd place or not important enough for my time, so I’m doing my best to talk to you and gently rub my belly – which I think you notice because you usually greet me with a kick 😊


You sure do make me hungry though. I find myself either in a constant state of hunger or not hungry at all until it suddenly hits me and I feel like I could eat 3 meals. Again, this is something that sets you apart from your sister. She liked to eat, but you like to eat a whole lot more than she did. But Daddy and I joke all the time that Rylie’s love language is food, so I wonder with how much you seem to enjoy it in my tummy, how much more will you enjoy it when you’re outside of my belly!?


Rylie is so excited to meet you! She’s been playing with her baby doll every day and loves to pat my belly and say, “baby” whenever she can reach you. When I respond, “yeah, baby Emmaline is in Mommy’s tummy!” she tries to lift up my shirt. I think she thinks you’re hiding underneath 😛


Daddy and I are so excited to meet you in person! I have so many questions – what are you going to look like? Are you going to look like your sister, or are you going to look completely different? Are you going to weigh more or less than Rylie? What about your personality? How old will you be when you decide you like to sleep all night?


Even though you’re baby #2 in our family, we certainly know that  you won’t be like Rylie. We know you’ll be your own little person – you’ll have your own dreams, calling, personality, laugh, and features. Daddy and I just pray that we can cultivate your passions and calling so that you can fully embrace exactly who God made you to be.


We’re almost there baby girl – we’re counting down the weeks now.




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