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thankful thursday #5

How did we just wrap up the last week of January!? Looking back, that first month of 2018 flew by. I guess 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting helped a lot with that.


The Shaver Crew had more discussions than normal this week about our family rhythm (what we’re doing that we like, what we’re not doing that we need to start, what we need to stop doing, what we need to adjust, etc.) but they’ve been really good conversations and needed as we transition into a new season!


How has your week been? Can you believe it’s already February?


Alright – let’s get into week #5 of Thankful Thursday.


Thankful Thursday


  • Saturday + Sunday with Rylie

Aaron has been asked to step into a leadership role at church, which means he gets to serve every service at our campus so he’s busy from 7am – 3pm every Sunday. With this new change to our schedule, I get to pretty much have a girls day with Rylie. But this last weekend, Aaron also had a meeting on Saturday, so I got 2 days with Rylie all to myself. So we maximized our “girl time” by taking up a sale at our favorite consignment store, eating a yummy lunch at home before both Rylie and I took a nap, and playing in the living room before Daddy came home. On Sunday, I pulled one of her new pairs of leggings out of the wash and got her dressed in what I think is one of the cutest outfits ever ❤ I somehow also got shoes on her and got her hair up (which she sat still for – I was so proud!) which made her even cuter (if that’s possible!?)!


  • Belly Balm

Every week Emmaline is getting bigger (and heavier!), so belly balm has become a must. I put it on after I shower and the skin around my stomach feels so good!


  • My growing belly

I had a doctor’s appointment this week and I’m always happy to hear that I’m healthy and so is our little one. I got to hear a good strong heartbeat at this last appointment and that continuously makes me thankful. I know not everyone who wants to experience pregnancy gets to, or they’ve lost their sweet baby(s) through a miscarriage or stillbirth. My heart sincerely aches and goes out to those who have suffered this kind of unique pain, and it makes me even more thankful for my healthy baby girl.


  • My new boundaries with social media

I shared a bit of this with you in my blog post recapping the 21 Days (if you missed it, you should definitely check it out! I’m sure there’s a nugget or two in there that God wants to share with you too 😊 ), but now that I’ve had a few days to really implement it – it’s been great! I don’t go on Instagram nearly as many times in a day as I used to, and with fewer people I’m following, catching up on my friend’s lives doesn’t take long. If I post, it’s directed right back to my blog or has some caption that I feel adds value to my followers. Similar to my blog, I want my social media platform to help you build your family, encourage you, make you laugh, and / or help strengthen your relationship with our Savior!




What are you thankful for this week?

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