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the best usborne books for valentine’s day – 2018

I love Usborne Books & More, and with Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, I wanted to share with you some books that I believe would make great gifts to your little Valentines!


>> You can look at our other books by going to my website <<



What about the daunting list of your child’s classmates that are doing a little “Valentine Exchange?” Instead of candy, you can give out some wipe-clean cards! Boom – done.


>> you can order these cards by clicking here <<


In the spirit of “love,” I will say that I love working with this company and it has been a huge blessing and done some amazing things for my family! It’s the best investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve earned considerably more than what I originally invested with only working on my business part-time.

I love hosting parties and watching my hostesses and their guests see what Usborne has to offer their families and have a blast while doing it.

I love that every “customer” is a family and they always come back and tell me how much they love their books.

I love watching my one year old pick up her Usborne books, turn the pages, point at the pictures and comment in her own language on the story.

I love that the books are educational and fun with vivid pictures and interactive pages.

And I love that if you expose kids to awesome books, the love for stories grows on its own. You can help that process along by surrounding kids with amazing books! 🙂


Does that sound like something you would like to be a part of (and get paid while doing it)?


Well, now is the time to join because for the month of February only, the starter kit is just $40 (our other kits are $75 & $125)!!! This $40 kit includes 7 books (pictured in the image below), access to websites, catalogs + a branded box. This is the lowest price to join since September 2015, so don’t miss your opportunity to change your family’s life! We have no minimums, no inventory to keep track of, and no preferred customers to keep. It’s just having a simple love of the books and wanting to share them with your friends!

join in February

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I had a bunch before I signed up, so ask away! 😉




Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Reading!


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