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dream team party 2018

At our church, one of the things you’ll hear at every service in addition to “Love God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose” is “Make a Difference,” and one of the ways a person can do that is by serving at their local church. We all have special gifts and talents that God put in us to make us unique, and when we use those to further God’s kingdom, that’s when we’re really living our best life. Our church really encourages you to attend one service and serve one service, and when you serve, you are on the Dream Team.


Aaron and I have been a part of the Nursery / Preschool team for a while now, and we love being able to bless families by watching kiddos while their parents grow in their relationship with God together. Aaron and I are both gifted with different age groups (I’m better with babies and one year olds and Aaron is amazing with 4 and 5 years olds), so we always have interesting / funny stories to share on Sunday evenings at the dinner table haha 😝


Anyway, once a year our church hosts a “Dream Team Party,” which is basically an elaborate way of our church saying “thank you for serving!” They create a theme, cater dinner + dessert and have some form of entertainment. This year we had a comedian who was really funny.


After the “show” was over, we grabbed some dessert and a quick picture before we went to pick Rylie up from our friends’s house.


If you’re not serving at your local church in some way, I really encourage you to get on a team. It’s so fulfilling and there is nothing quite like knowing you made a difference in someone’s life!

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