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thankful thursday #6

I realized that these Thankful Thursday posts could almost be renamed “Weekly Update” because pretty much every post I share at least one event or moment that happened that week 😝 It’s been great though because I feel like most of what I’ve shared I could have just logged away as another moment, but the fact that I categorize it as “special” and “a moment to be thankful for” just goes to show you (and me) that thankfulness can come in all shapes and sizes! 😊


So with that, here is this week’s Thankful Thursday post – which is chalked full of moments that I was thankful for. ❤



Thankful Thursday



I wrote a whole post just about the event, but I am thankful for a church that recognizes the need to celebrate things and the excellence they show while making their volunteers feel valued.


  • Outreach Projects

For school, Aaron and I are required to lead 2 outreach projects before we graduate in May. With a baby due in the middle of the semester, we had to be very intentional about what we did for this assignment since our time frame was limited. We decided to make encouragement cards for the nurses at my OB office / the hospital. When I had Rylie, I remembered some of the nurses that checked in on me seemed surprised at how often I thanked them, and I realized they probably don’t hear it very often. So we got some construction paper, markers and glue sticks and made some cards. We tried to have Rylie draw on a card or two, but she was way more interested in trying to get the cap off the marker then actually using it for the reason it was created haha


Our plan is to offer others to join us on the first Saturday of March as well and then we’ll take the stack with us when I go into labor and give them to the nurses then. Let me know if you’re in the area and want to help us out 😉


  • Family Shopping Trips


This last Saturday we raided SAMs Club & WalMart for our weekly groceries. Both Aaron and I were tired, so we tried to make the trip as quick as possible. Rylie got a Bitty Baby doll for her birthday, and let me just say that this baby doll now has to come everywhere with us. “Baby!” is said every time we get her ready to go out the door, and if we feel comfortable in her ability to hold on to it, we’ll bring it into the store with us. Since we knew we’d be walking around SAMs for a few minutes, we brought it in with us and put it next to her.


  • My 3 New Team Members

join in February

Within the last couple weeks, I have had 3 ladies join my Usborne team and start their own journey of sharing the love of reading with their friends, family, and future customers. I am so excited to have them on my team! 😀 2 of the 3 took advantage of the $40 starter kit, so not only did they get over $140 worth of books, but they also got the opportunity to earn a paycheck.




What are you thankful for this week?

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