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banana bread recipe

There is something so magical about baking on a rainy day in a quiet house – especially when you’re indulging a craving you’ve been having. 😉 On Sunday (2.11.18) afternoon, Rylie was down for her nap and Aaron was still serving at church, so I knew I had my window to make this delicious dish!


I realize not everyone enjoys banana bread, but I love it! I’ve never made it on my own before because the recipe has always intimidated me for some reason, but when I found Joanna Gaines recipe that only had 9 ingredients and 4 directions, I figured I couldn’t mess it up. Sure enough, when I tried my first bite, that “comfort feeling” that you get sometimes came over me. This is by far my favorite banana bread recipe to date, so I had to share it with you! Here is the recipe:



1 cup of sugar

1 stick of softened butter

2 eggs

4 mashed bananas (very ripe)

2 cups of flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla



  1. Mix together butter, sugar, and vanilla
  2. Add eggs and mashed bananas
  3. Mix in remaining ingredients
  4. Pour in a 9×13 greased pan and bake at 325 degrees for 30-40 minutes


>> Best served warm with a pat of butter on top. <<


I pulled them out of the oven right as Rylie was ready to get up, so I hurried into her room and grabbed her. I told her I made a treat that she had never tried before while I sat her in her highchair, and I pulled a warm muffin from the pan and cut it into a couple bite-size pieces before placing it on her tray. She immediately picked it up and took a bite. “Do you like it?” I asked her, and she didn’t hesitate with her nod as she picked up another piece to put in her mouth. I’d say we have a winner! 😉



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