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the best kind of weekend

The last few weekends have been a little busy and not as relaxing as we like, so when I was looking at the calendar late last week and saw Saturday was completely empty, we purposefully didn’t fill it with anything.



We started our weekend off by dropping Rylie off for a sleepover with my inlaws while we kicked off our small group – MARVELous Couples Date Night. We got together with some couples (married and dating) and had dinner at our house, got to know each other for a bit and then watched the first Marvel movie – Iron Man. In the future, we’re going to eat, play a game and watch the rest of the Marvel movies in order. We are so excited!


Anyway, it was a great evening meeting new couples and we are so excited to grow in relationship with them. This small group is going to be a lot of fun 😉



We got up early to get Rylie before my inlaws small group started at 8am. Since Saturday is our family day, we really want it to be a “special day,” so we started with breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Aaron and I both finished our meals and felt like we could eat another, but it was enough to hold us over. Rylie on the other hand was happily eating her eggs with cheese and chicken. She was not a huge fan of the hash browns though.


Oh, and you have to watch this short clip of Rylie doing her “breakfast dance!” I had to sneak my phone otherwise she wouldn’t have done it. She was a little distracted by some kids in a nearby booth, so it wasn’t as animated as it was before this, but this little clip makes me laugh every single time! 😀

After we had finished, we went to a nearby thrift store and browsed the shelves for any amazing bargains we could find. We ended up walking out with a piece of furniture for a project we’re working on in our dining room and some clothes for Rylie and t-shirts for Aaron.


We got home just in time for lunch and Rylie’s nap. While Rylie rested, Aaron and I did a couple chores and then sat in the room at the very front of our house (we call it the sun room) and talked about some future plans we have for the house. We had a great time mixing dreaming with planning!


When Rylie woke up, we played in the living room. Aaron made a tunnel and Rylie crawled through it probably a dozen times before stopping at her toy box and pulled out a couple things and started playing by herself.


We’re huge supporters of self-play, so I sat nearby just watching her little mind work. At one point, Rylie came up to me and encountered my belly in the process. As usual, she grabbed my shirt and pulled at it while saying, “baby!” I truly believe she thinks the baby is just hiding under my shirt  haha when she saw my belly, she started patting it and saying, “baby! Baby!” with a huge grin on her face. Aaron was sweet enough to grab a picture of it.



The girls will be so close in age that Rylie won’t remember what life was like without sister, and Aaron and I laugh at what we think will go through Rylie’s 17 month old mind when she sees Emmaline for the first time. I treasure this picture for so many reasons, but one of them is how Rylie already loves on her sister without even realizing it. I also love it because Rylie not only does this routine (lifting up my shirt and saying “baby”) to me, but to Aaron as well hahahahaha so we might not know the difference between Mommy’s belly (which is special carrying a baby right now) and Daddy’s belly (which is just a belly) 😝


To continue the theme of “Saturdays are special,” after dinner we put in a kids movie and gave Rylie plain popcorn. Surprisingly, Rylie sat through at least a half hour of it while chowing down on popcorn. While Aaron and Rylie ate popcorn, I had cereal (the craving is still strong guys haha every night I have cereal).



With Aaron becoming the Preschool Coordinator at our church campus, our Sundays are different than they used to be. Aaron got up and left by 5:30am, and I laid in bed, unable to fall back asleep despite my desire to. Eventually, I got ready for the day and started making breakfast. By 8am I woke Rylie up and we ate breakfast together before I got her ready for church. We arrived just before 9:45am service and said “good morning” to Daddy and then I dropped her off at her class before I went to my serve.


When the service was over, Rylie and I said “see you later” to Daddy and headed home for a quick Facebook Messenger Video Chat with my mom while Rylie ate lunch. Shortly after, Rylie went down for her nap and I made some homemade banana bread.



When Rylie’s nap was over and we had our banana bread snack, we got ready to go meet Aaron at another church campus so we could attend service together. On the way to church, we stopped at Buy Buy Baby to get her a new sippy cup, and I walked out of there with two other things as well…. But I got the sippy cup so at least I remembered what I originally went in there for haha 😛


We met Aaron a few minutes later and went into service. It was about “dating God’s way” and it was so good! You can watch it by clicking here.


When church was over, we went home and ate leftovers (we had 3 different meals to pick from), took our bath/showers, and cuddled up on the couch for popcorn before we put her down for bed. When the house was quiet, Aaron and I watched a couple episodes of Pysch and then went to bed.





I loved this last weekend! It was the perfect mix of family time, accomplishing a couple chores, resting and doing.


What does your best kind of weekend look like?

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