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together – marriage conference 2018

Every year our church hosts a Marriage Conference – a Friday evening and Saturday day to help couples reconnect and hear from great speakers + our own pastor on how we can strengthen our marriages in a godly way. Aaron and I went for the first time last year and got a lot out of it (+ had a lot of fun!) so we definitely made this conference a priority this year as well.


Friday night (2.16.18) I hurried home from work so we could finish getting things together for the babysitter that was going to watch Rylie (the Dream Team Party and the Marriage Conference are the only times that we have to hire a babysitter that isn’t family because everyone in our family is attending the same thing we are haha). When she arrived and we finished going over things, we said goodbye to Rylie and headed out the door.


The speaker they brought in was Joe McGee, who can be summed up as talks really fast, 95% of his content is based on a story from his own life and is hilarious! Friday night’s session was about Dating Again and how vital it is to invest in your relationship.


You don’t find the perfect marriage, you build it.

Don’t want a certain kind of marriage, want the marriage that God made for you.

If love doesn’t cost you something, it’s not love.


The message was followed by a “date night” where each campus offered 3 activities for couples to do and some food + desserts. Ours was:

  • Movie
  • Bonfire with s’mores
  • Jazz lounge


Aaron and I grabbed some food (nacho bar – yes please!) and a couple desserts (little bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes – they are delicious!!!) and headed in to see what the movie was. It was the new “The Jungle Book” which neither of us had seen before, so we watched part of it while we ate our food. Once we were full, we headed out into the lobby and took a couple photos.


The Dream Teamer that took our photo handed back Aaron’s phone with a big smile and said, “I think that’s the best pose I’ve seen all night!” 😀


Before we left, we decided we had to make a s’more before heading home, so we went outside to the bonfire.


On Saturday (2.17.18) we got there right at 8:30am and Joe McGee talked about Conflict Resolution, Finances and Kids. The conference ended with Pastor Chris talking about sex. He shared a lot of phenomenal content, but the most quotable is :


The greatest relationship ever is two separate servants in love.


Overall, it was a great conference and Aaron and I walked away with a few discussion points that have only brought each of us more clarity on how we can better serve and invest in each other ❤


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