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random photos of rylie – february 2018

Lately, it feels like Rylie turned into a toddler overnight. She’s walking (and getting really good at it!), talking (she almost always has something to say… I wonder where she got that from 😝 ), and exploring. With an always-on-the-go toddler, I’m thankful for phones with easy camera access so we can snag those “this is life” moments.


That being said, there are some photos that I never got around to posting because I couldn’t find the right post to put them in. But today I’m sharing a random hodge-podge of photos of Rylie from this past month.

Enjoy the randomness 😉




Bath Time:


Rylie loves bath time, which is good because she gets one almost every night. She loves splashing in the water and playing with her Finding Nemo bath toys. Her favorite thing to do is to hand Aaron or I a toy and watch us set it on the edge of the tub and then flick it back in, creating a small splash which makes her giggle before handing it back to us to do again.




We love to pick up books and read on our own – which makes Aaron and I so happy! This book is one of our favorites, “That’s Not My Owl” from the “That’s Not My…” series with Usborne. Such a fun touchy-feely book!


Being Outside:


Rylie has loved being outside since she was 5 months old (I remember the days when she’d fuss and I could take her outside and she’d immediately stop), and her love for the outdoors has only grown as she has. My mother-in-law got an awesome stroller and took her to the park to enjoy a beautiful day. We’re told (although we’re not surprised) that Rylie had a blast and there were lots of smiles.


Eating a “Treat”:


We’ve declared popcorn as a “treat,” and we usually give it to her on Saturdays after dinner. Ever since she tried it when she turned a year old, she’ll shove handfuls into her mouth which is hilarious to watch.


The Stairs:


Oh how we love the stairs. This has been a fascination of ours for a few months, but Aaron recently taught her how to get down the stairs – which she actually does a really good job! Parental Supervision is always there when going up OR down, just in case she gets a little too overzealous and slips. But 99% of the time she does great by herself.


Car Naps:


Aaron and I think Rylie gets an adrenaline rush on Sundays that just make it impossible for her to take her usual nap. So if she naps at all on those days, she’ll nap on the way home from church.


Lunch Dates:


Aaron and Rylie came and visited me for lunch last week. We tried out a new restaurant and it was not only delicious, but it was also a great time being able to spend some time with them in the middle of the work day.


Spring Outfits:


Don’t ask us what’s going on in Alabama, but it has been in the 60’s-80’s the last few days, which means cute spring outfits ❤ I’m not complaining one bit though because they are just so adorable!




I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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