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emmaline’s baby shower

On Saturday (2.24.18) I had my baby sprinkle for Emmaline. The theme was “a girls brunch,” and my dear friend, Kendyl, helped me plan it, decorate and host. I think it turned out perfectly – it was small and simple, which is what I really wanted.





fun fact :: that pink tassel banner was originally made for Rylie’s baby shower. I thought it was so special that I got to use it at my second daughter’s shower too ❤


For food, we had mini-pancakes with fruit, Nutella and syrup as toppings in attrition to oatmeal which included brown sugar, chocolate chips and fruit for toppings. Drinks offered were coffee, orange and apply juice, and sweet tea (because we live in the south and you kinda have to have sweet tea at every event haha). Everyone complimented the style of the sprinkle which I appreciated!




Since we’re having another girl, we wanted to keep our gift request simple – books and cash 😊 in addition to these two things,  we got a couple of homemade head bows (but a girl can never have enough of those 😉).


Rylie had a great time of course – indulging in yummy pancakes and playing with our mama tribe baby friend. I wanted her to wear something special since she is the big sister and therefore pretty much a “VIP guest,” but her dress was so poofy she had a hard time walking around – which created lots of laughs (luckily no tears on her part!).



After brunch, opening gifts and sharing in some great conversation, my friends started leaving to enjoy the rest of their Saturday. I made sure to get a couple pictures that I really wanted – one with my mother and sister-in-law, Kendyl and of course, Rylie.



Shout out to my girl Kendyl for helping me plan such a gorgeous baby shower for little Emmaline 💕


Overall, it was a beautiful sprinkle and I am so thankful for the girlfriends in my life who took time out of their busy schedules to love on me and Emmaline.

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