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the best usborne books for easter – 2018

I have so many fond memories of Easter as a child. After church, my parents would hide our collection of plastic Easter Eggs and my brother and I would go hunting for them. Throughout the years my parents did various renditions of this. – usually it was candy and coins in the eggs, but one year we each had a certain set of colored eggs and they put clues in the eggs that eventually led to us to finding a basket full of goodies. As we got older, it got more challenging. By the time we were teenagers, my brother and I still enjoyed “hunting for eggs” simply for the tradition of it – although we spent most of the afternoon decorating hard boiled ones.


As Rylie is reaching the age where we can begin the endeavor of hunting for eggs (last year on Easter she was only 5 months old and barely sitting up, so we knew that any semblance of an “Easter Egg Hunt” would occur the following year when she was walking). Well, we’re there now and even though the eggs will be in plain sight, I am so excited to watch her little waddling body pick them up and put them in her basket (and probably throw them out haha).


I’ve never been a huge fan of Easter Baskets from grocery stores that are filled with overpriced cheap toys. With Usborne’s help, there are so many fun ways you can incorporate “brain candy” with real candy. Books make the perfect basket stuffers, and in the list below I’ve shared with you some books that I believe would make great additions to your family and your kid’s Easter Egg Baskets!


book basket


  • Baby’s Very First Little Book of Little Bunnies – How precious is this sweet little touch and feel? This would be a PERFECT basket stuffer for your baby’s very first Easter basket. With sweet bunnies on every page and tactile spots for your baby to explore, this book is great for Easter + the rest of the year.
  • That’s Not My Bunny – We love the “That’s Not My…” series. “That’s Not My Bunny” is a perfect addition to your library. Follow the mouse on every page as he searches for his special bunny. Each page features fun touch and feel spots for your little one to explore!
  • That’s Not My Lamb – Here is another adorable “That’s Not My…” book for your little one’s Easter basket! Your baby or young toddler will love exploring the tactile spots on each of the sweet lambs!
  • The Usborne Book of Bible Stories with Read Along CD – This engaging collection of Bible stories has been written for young children who are just starting to read. Each story is told word for word, with delightful sound effects on the CD included with this book. By following the words across the page as they hear them, beginner readers will gain confidence and soon be able to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction of reading a whole story by themselves.
  • Usborne Illustrated Bible Stories – A fully illustrated collection of stories from the Bible.
  • Egg and Chicks (Level 1 Beginner Reader) – In this adorable book from the Beginner Readers series, your little one will learn all about eggs and their development into chicks. Included are also Usborne QuickLinks which your little one can use to safely learn even more on the topic on the computer!
  • The Usborne Illustrated Children’s Bible Stories – A beautiful and luxurious cloth-bound collection of Bible stories makes a gift to treasure forever. Carefully written text is suitable for reading aloud to young children or for older children to read independently. Stunning, full-page illustrations bring stories from the Old and New Testament vividly to life, and a comprehensive ‘who’s who in the Bible’ helps children remember the characters and stories.
  • Farm Animals – How do pigs keep cool? Why do farmers shear their sheep? Which farm animals live underwater? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more facts about farm animals around the world.
  • Colorful World: Farm – On each of the pages, there is a collection of things and a different puzzle to solve + something to learn about nature at the same time. Look carefully – something’s not the same on the farm. Which cow is the most colorful? Which baby is not a chicken? Find the one that’s not a donkey. Are they all farm vehicles? Can you find all the differences in this colorful world?
  • Shine-A-Light: On The Farm – From feeding the animals in winter to harvesting the crops in fall, take a look at what happens throughout a year on the farm by shining a light behind the special see-through pages.


>> There are SO MANY other amazing options to that would be perfect for those Easter Baskets! You can look at our other books by going to my website <<




Happy Easter!


Happy Reading!

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