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my 24th birthday

Sunday (3.4.18) was my birthday, and even though it was a very normal, busy Sunday, I did get to do a couple things that were special and made me feel celebrated.


For starters, I got to sleep in until 7:30am, which felt phenomenal! I got dressed before going out to make breakfast for myself and for Rylie (eggs + fruit for both of us and toast with Nutella on it for myself). When I finished the eggs, I went and got Rylie who was already awake and playing in her crib. Excited to start the day, we sat at the table and ate breakfast together as I told her what the plan for the day was.


After Rylie was dressed, we headed off to church. Per routine, Rylie and I visited Aaron in Clubhouse before I dropped Rylie off in her classroom so I could serve. As Aaron embraced Rylie, I turned around and saw Rick and Michelle (my in-laws) walking towards me with a balloon and flowers while singing “Happy Birthday.”

I served with Aaron in Clubhouse and he made sure all the kids told me “Happy Birthday.” It was sweet!

After I served, Rylie and I said “see you later” to Aaron and headed to get a special birthday treat at Heavenly Donuts, which is my favorite donut shop. I also had a birthday coupon which I used to get a box full of a dozen. I drove home as quickly as I could so that Rylie and I could enjoy our treat on the lawn – picnic style.




Rylie “rested” (AKA – played in her crib) while I finished editing our maternity photos from the day before. As soon as I was done, I grabbed Rylie from her bedroom and we played together for a little bit before heading out the door again to meet Aaron for church.


After a great message on how to have lasting love, wrapping up the series our pastor was doing on The Song of Solomon, we went out to eat at Bone-fish Grill.

We’ve reached the age with Rylie where her behavior at a restaurant, especially when it’s past her normal dinner time and with no nap, is basically a game of chance. It didn’t help our anxiety to walk in and realize that the atmosphere was quiet, peaceful, and not “screaming toddler” friendly. Luckily, Rylie only had a couple boisterous moments, and they were so quick it was hardly noticed by the diners. At one point she yelled out of delight (I guess the Mac’N’Cheese was delicious) and Aaron said, “yes – no one can beat  the great Rylie Shaver and her love for Mac’N’Cheese.” I laughed so hard I almost cried haha 😛


There was lots of laughter at our table throughout the meal, which was a great addition to my birthday.


As we were waiting for the waiter to come back with our check, Rylie did decide she was done using her inside voice and became extremely loud so I grabbed her and quickly walked outside while Aaron finished paying. I told Rylie how proud I was of her for being so patient and quiet inside (for the majority of the dinner anyway), and she seemed pleased with herself.


She passed out in the car on the way home, so I had to wake her up to get  her out and give her a quick bath before laying her in her crib where she fussed for about 5 minutes before passing out completely.

Aaron, as is usual on Sunday evenings, was exhausted from the energetic day he had had with preschoolers, so he didn’t stay up long before he went to bed. But we did enjoy a Heavenly Donut together and quickly chatted about the day. He assured me the party was going to continue on Monday (3.5.18) so he could be more involved in celebrating me.


On Monday I came home to a gift, ingredients to make one of my favorite date night treats (chocolate covered strawberries) and my choice of the evening activity. After Rylie went to bed, we made our dessert and I picked a movie to watch. It was a pretty uneventful evening but it was a good time and relaxing! 😊




Overall, I had a phenomenal birthday and was so thankful to be flooded with texts and social media notifications of family, friends and acquaintances wishing me a happy birthday.


I posted this on my Instagram, and I feel like it’s a great way to conclude this post –


When I was in High School, I figured 24 was when I would get married and start “adulting.” Ha – what a perfect example that our plans are not always God’s plans.

I’m officially 24 years old and my life looks absolutely nothing like I thought 24 would look like when I was in High School. I’ve been married for almost 4 years, I have a gorgeous, joyful, smart and hilarious 1 year old daughter and another baby girl will be joining our family in less than a month. 💕

I’m so thankful for another year and for a God who is so good all the time because that is His nature!

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