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bump update :: week 36

Week 36:


Symptoms ::  She is definitely a lot lower than she has been and I feel a decent amount of pressure “down there” on a regular basis so I know we’re getting closer to the end. I’ll get random physical discomforts too (pings in my belly, sharp but quick pains in various places, lower back pain, etc.) that sometimes make me stop or lean on something to catch my breath, but nothing super serious.

Food Aversions ::  Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Water (if I don’t have it regularly throughout the day I get light headed and feel yucky), cereal or ice cream.

Sleep ::  Can you guess? Hahaha. I get up once or twice to go the bathroom and I always wake up tired. But I honestly think I could lay in bed all day and be tired the next day too, so… yeah – pregnant life 😝

I actually had a co-worker who just got back from her own maternity leave at the beginning of the year tell me today (3.14.18) that I look exhausted and like I don’t sleep well. She reassured me that it’s not terribly noticeable but she can tell because she just went through it.

Looking Forward To :: Everything on our “get done before baby” list getting checked off 😃 I’m so surprised at how close we are because I honestly had started accepting that it wasn’t all going to happen, but between Aaron’s dedication and hard work + my “let’s get this one thing done tonight when I get home from work” I think we’re going to make it. We still have a couple things to finish up, but we are so close and I really think we’ll be able to get it done!

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories ::  I had my 36 week doctor appointment on Monday (3.12.18) and they did an ultrasound to check measurements, see where my placenta was, check the amount of amniotic fluid, etc. When I met with the doctor, they went over the info with me – baby is measuring big (roughly 7lbs right now), my amniotic fluid was good, and her heartbeat was right where it should be. We are definitely head down and ready any day to join the world. When they measured the size of my belly with their tape measure, they said, “you’re measuring great. And it feels like you’re having a contraction right now.” “I am?” I replied. The doctor looked at me and gently pushed on my belly as if to confirm the statement they just made, “yes – see how it’s hard when you touch it. That’s a contraction. Do you not feel that?” I shook my head and said, “no, I don’t feel anything.” “Hmm. That’s interesting.” But they didn’t seem concerned so I didn’t press the matter. Hahaha

They are expecting her to arrive any day though, so our hospital bags are packed and Aaron and I have a plan set for each scenario of my water unexpectedly breaking (if I’m at work, at home, at church, with Aaron and Rylie, by myself, etc.) 😊

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