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mommy & me date with rylie

On Wednesday (3.14.18) Aaron had a couple guy friends over to watch the new Justice League movie, so I took Rylie and we went out and had ourselves a little girls night.


You’d be surprised how limited your choices are when you’re trying to make plans with a toddler in the evening. You can’t go outdoors, and unfortunately the McWane Center closes at 5pm (what the heck, right!?), so I had to think of other “toddler and 9 months pregnant mama” friendly things we could do together. Thankfully my creative juices were flowing and I came up with quite a few options (most of which we didn’t even end up doing).


The evening started with us driving to the mall so that I could drop my phone off at a store to get the screen fixed (I cracked it pretty bad back in October 2017 and finally decided to get it repaired) since it was a decent price. While the gentleman was fixing it, Rylie and I went to the food court and got some Chick-Fil-A for dinner. We parked ourselves at a table in front of the carousel because Rylie was getting all kinds of excited when we walked past it in our beeline to the restaurant and I unpacked our food so we could eat. We didn’t talk much because Rylie was so mesmerized  by the carousel, but we did have a couple good laughs. I wish I could have taken a couple pictures, but my phone was getting repaired…

Side Note :: it’s amazing how many things you rely on your phone for. Like telling time. I was appalled that none of the screens in the mall had a clock on them 😝


After dinner, we went back into the store and picked up my phone. It felt like I had just purchased a brand new one with the new screen on it.


Since I had pretty much slow waddled from the food court to the store, I felt like “walking around the mall” probably wasn’t the best use of my energy, but there was a Claire’s right next door, so Rylie and I went in there for a few minutes to look around. Rylie was enthralled and loved touching the iPhone cases haha and now that I had my phone back, I tried to take a couple pictures of us, but Rylie wasn’t interested in “cheesing,” so this is the best we got.


Our next stop was  Five-Below, which was across the street from the mall. It’s like the dollar store, except everything is $5 or less. Since Easter is right around the corner, and I want to make Rylie a little Easter Basket this year (something I didn’t do for last year’s Easter since she was only 5 months old and I didn’t see the point), I thought we could see if there was anything worthwhile and affordable there. Yup – there was haha I pretty much made Rylie’s basket in that trip (I’ll share with you guys what I got in a later post 😉).


After we checked out, I looked at the clock (because I had one now 😝) and it was 8:10pm. Even though this was within my “time to head home” window, I still suddenly felt very tired, and I still needed to get both Rylie and I bathed and ready for bed. We headed home and chit-chatted about our evening together.


Once we got home and got all cleaned up, it was apparent that Rylie was running solely off adrenaline since it was 2 hours past her bedtime. I laid her down and she fussed for less than 5 minutes before rolling over and falling asleep. I wasn’t too far behind her either.


Overall, it wasn’t as eventful as I thought it would be, but I had a good time and Rylie seemed to enjoy herself too. I really am treasuring these little “mommy / daughter dates” with just her and I before Emmaline arrives.

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