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letters to emmaline || 38 weeks in my belly

My active, brave, sweet Emmaline,


Can you believe we’re in the final stretch? Less than 2 weeks until we get to meet you in person. It feels like our time together has gone by so quickly and yet it’s been so long at the same time! Daddy and I have been busy getting things prepared for you – like getting your clothes hung up, packing our bags for your delivery and our days together in the hospital, making sure we have everything we need for you, and so on. Thankfully, we’ve gotten everything done and now we’re anxiously waiting for you to join us. Rylie is getting ready for you too – she loves saying “baby” and playing with her baby doll. She’s learned to be very gentle with her baby so we’re hoping she’ll be gentle with you too 😉 hopefully 😝 haha.


You are so patient with your big sister. I know it can’t be comfortable to feel your little home in my belly suddenly get smaller when Rylie pushes on it, but you always kick afterwards so I’d like to think you’re saying “hello.” She is so excited to meet you!


I pray you never feel like “second place” in our lives sweet girl. You are so unique and even in my tummy you are different than your sister. You are so special Emmaline, and you are bringing something to our family that we are lacking and desperately need! You are very important, and definitely not “just our second girl / kid.” You are Emmaline Victoria – a beautiful, valued child that our family (and the world) extremely needed.


The doctor tells me you’ll be here any day, which I assume means you’re anxious to get out and see the world. Daddy and I know you are going to be a world changer, and we are honored to have a front row seat to see how God uses you.


We love you sweet girl!




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