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bump update :: week 38

Week 38:


Symptoms ::  Occasional nausea, cramping, some contractions, lower back pain whenever I walk. I also feel like I’m more emotional lately, and I’m not sure if that’s pregnancy related or physical / emotional exhaustion kicking in. Probably both.

Food Aversions ::  Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Nothing specific. I’ve actually become fairly passive when it comes to food. I’m indifferent most of the time.

Sleep ::  On average, I get up once or twice to go to the bathroom, and if I need/want to turn over I wake up and grunt whenever I move but that’s mostly caused by my back hurting.

Looking Forward To :: The anticipation of meeting our sweet girl being over lol it’s exhausting to constantly be on edge 😛

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I had a doctor’s appointment this morning (3.27.18) and I’m still only half a centimeter dilated… seriously!? *insert face-palm emoji* But the doctor reassured me that she could still come any day, and when she went to check me, she said, “oh wow, yeah she’s definitely right there!” so Emmaline is clearly just waiting for my body to catch up with her readiness to come haha

Despite how easily tired I get, I’ve been trying to stay active to help the process 😝 Last night we had a dance party in our living room with Rylie, who laughed through pretty much the whole ordeal.

My office has also declared me as “a ticking time bomb.” Every morning when they see me they comment “oh you’re still here!” and asking, “is today baby day?” to which I reply “I hope so!” haha. My coworker who sits next to me (who has 2 girls, a 3 year old and a 5 month old – she went on maternity leave a couple months after I was hired) is on the edge of her seat, asking if I’m okay any time I get a contraction or pause for any length of time. We’ve had lots of baby conversations which has been entertaining. She’s convinced I’m going to have the baby this week – so we’ll see. 😉 I have so appreciated how thoughtful everyone in my office has been throughout my pregnancy, but especially within these last couple weeks.

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