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random photos of rylie – march 2018

Rylie gets more and more fun every day. Now that she’s had over a month to practice walking, she is a pro and loves to walk whenever and wherever she can. This has allowed for a different set of adventures than we had even a month ago, which is so fun! I love watching her grow ❤


I was scrolling through my phone and found (once again) quite a few photos that never made it on the blog that I felt like were too cute not to share. So I hope you enjoy this second edition of “Random Photos of Rylie” 😉




Being Outside:


This girl has loved being outside since she was 5 months old and it definitely hasn’t stopped. With the no humidity spring weather we’ve been having lately, this girl has loved walking around our little yard. She’s found some treasures (leafs and dandelions) that she lovingly handed to me. She had a great time exploring and pointing at all the birds she heard chirping and turning her head in the direction of any dog parking and saying, “puppy!”


Going Out To Eat:


There’s been a couple Sundays after church where we’ve decided to go out to eat, and our first excursion was to Logan’s Roadhouse. While we were waiting for a table, Rylie was walking around the waiting area, where they happen to have meats on display. I looked down to check my phone for the time and looked up to find Rylie’s faced pressed up on the glass staring at the goodness. I guess she’s excited to try steak one day 😛


When You Don’t Get Your Way:


I know it would appear like Rylie is the most smiley, happy girl in the world – and she really is. But she is also a 16 month old and prone to having emotional moments 😛 This one for example is actually a funny story  – we had just gotten her “Flintstone Car” the day before and when we walked out to get in the car for church, she saw it and walked over wanting to play with it. When I picked her up and told her, “not right now honey. We need to go to church. We can play with it when we get home.”  this is the reaction I received hahahaha poor girl…




The whole reason I got the crying photo above was because I was trying to get a picture of Rylie’s outfit that day. This blurry pic was the best I got, but I think it’s still the cutest!


Pictures With Daddy:


I love it when I get pictures like this at work ❤


Mornings At The Park:


Aaron took us to a park he found a while ago and it’s our new favorite place. It’s got a huge playground and field to play in and is in a super friendly family neighborhood. We went there on my day off when I really needed some rest and had a little picnic. Rylie was way more interested in carrying her bag of blueberries around the field though. 😛


All Pink:


This picture makes me laugh. When we found out Rylie was a girl, I had mixed emotions (I really thought I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl). I confided in my mama small group, “what if she likes pink!?” which was a color I was not drawn to in the slightest at the time. Fast-forward to today, and I love finding pink things for my girl. If this picture doesn’t show that (pink sippy, play phone, play camera, baby doll outfit, pants and jacket), I don’t know what will 😛




We still love looking at books, especially our Usborne ones. This one was recently gifted to us for Emmaline, but Rylie is breaking it in 😉


Popcorn Love:


Plain popcorn is a treat in our house for this little one, and she LOVES it! On Saturday evenings after dinner we’ll pop some popcorn and put on a short kid show or kid movie for her to watch while she munches. Her attention span for the movies are getting better, and depending on what’s going on she’ll laugh, which is hilarious to witness. I don’t even really watch the movie, I just enjoy watching her 🙂


Red Wagon:


Papa & Grammy (Rick & Michelle) got a Radio Flyer wagon for Rylie to ride in on their farm, and it’s been PERFECT for this outdoor / animal loving girl. Amberlyn sent us this photo last weekend. Too fun!



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