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thankful thursday #13

My company has given us Friday –> Good Friday off of work, so it’s only a 4 day work week – so you’d think time would be flying… it’s not. As we’re anxiously awaiting baby #2’s arrival, I think the days haven been purposefully going by slowly which is a bummer haha.


But quite a few things happened this week that are worthy to note in this week’s Thankful Thursday post. So here you go –



Thankful Thursday



  • Zac + Kendyl’s Engagement


Kendyl’s boyfriend, Zac, invited Aaron & I to her surprise birthday party on Friday night and we were so glad we were able to go and celebrate our friend. And when it unexpectedly turned into a proposal (and therefore a surprise birthday / engagement party), we were even more glad we were able to make it!

I am so happy for them and cannot wait to continue to grow in relationship with this amazing couple! ❤


  • Wesley + Brittney Visiting


Wesley is one of Aaron’s childhood friends from Seattle, and he and his wife visited us from Florida over the weekend so we spent the majority of Saturday hanging out with them. It was fun to hear all the childhood memories they shared, and we definitely enjoyed their visit. And when they offered that we could come down and stay with them any time, you better believe we said, “Absolutely!” 😉


  • Reading Books


I posted earlier this week a list of books I’ve read this last quarter and looking over the list of 12 books I read these last 3 months made me thankful that I even have the ability to read. It’s a true gift that not everyone has, and as I am learning to enjoy reading again, I’m reminded of the immense gift it is that I hope I never take for granted.


  • 38 Weeks of Pregnancy


As I’m in the final days of this pregnancy journey, I find myself being thankful for what a wonderful, smooth, and quick (but not quick :P) ride it has been. God has taught me a lot during these last 9 months through this little human and I can only imagine what more he will teach me through her.

Now if only my body would catch up to her readiness to come so we could meet her 😉





What are you thankful for this week?

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