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week 1 with emmaline

Once we came home from the hospital on Thursday (4.5.18), we started learning more about Emmaline and her personality in addition to figuring out how to balance life with 2 kids.


Although Emmaline is a great newborn, there is still the reality that they don’t sleep all night. And getting 2-5 hours of sleep a night started to show on my face.


Even though we had just had a baby, we still had Highlands College homework to turn in, so after Rylie was asleep and Emmaline had eaten, I took my window of opportunity and wrote my paper (which I’m pleased to say I got a good grade on 😉 ).


Our pantry was running low, so just like Rylie, our first family outing was a trip to SAM’s Club.


Our first bath (or rinse since she still had her cord attached) went well. She did cry but only because she was cold, so we washed her fast.


When Sunday came, Aaron went in early to serve in Clubhouse and Emmaline and I were not far behind. Rylie stayed home with my mom since we were going to the evening service.

As I walked through the doors, I saw a group of ladies I serve with eek in excitement as they met Emmaline and then share their shock that I was there to serve 5 days afte having her. Honestly, I was shocked too… 😛


To wrap up Emmaline’s first week, I snagged a photo of our girls taking a nap



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