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week 2 with emmaline

Week #2 with Emmaline started with taking newborn photos.


Just chilling on the couch with my girls ❤


We got last minute tickets to the opening baseball game of the season, so Emmaline went to her first baseball game.


Big sis helped put Emmaline’s pants on and pushed her around the living room in her baby doll stroller (don’t worry, I was holding on to the stroller the whole time 😛 )




We attended church (and sat in the very back so we could run out if we needed to… which we did haha).


Our 2 week pediatrician appointment went great! Emmaline weighed 8lbs 6 oz (2 oz past her birth weight) and is growing beautifully.

Side Note:: I love our new pediatrician! We switched when Rylie was 8 months and it’s been such a great experience. Plus, they have Pixar movie posters in their waiting room, which definitely earned some points with the Shaver Crew 😉 😛


We took the girls to the park on a gorgeous day and  Aaron broke out our Enos. It was amazing to just sit and enjoy the beautiful day. Emmaline was a huge fan too 🙂





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