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week 3 with emmaline

Week #3 with Emmaline was more homey than week 1 and week 2 – mainly because we had a big project for school to prepare for, but it was kinda nice to have a couple PJ days and afternoon naps.


She’s been spending a little more time awake these days, so we try to maximize it by interacting with her as best we can.


I’m always awestruck at how tiny her features are – like her fingers and toes ❤️ I also love how firmly she clings to my finger with her hand!


Sunday (4.22.18) was Superhero & Princess day in the Nursery/Preschool at church so all the kids got to dress up. We chose to be Wonder Woman 😉




I decided to indulge in a nap with Emmaline too 💤


And to wrap up week #3, she joined us at Highlands College.



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