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thankful thursday #15, #16 and #17

I’m a tad behind on my Thankful Thursday posts, but I that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping a list of things I’m thankful for.

So let’s play catch up –


Thankful Thursday #15


  • Flowers

In the hospital, I received a bouquet of flowers from my job, which was a pleasant surprise and brightened up my hospital room.


Once I got home, I received another bouquet from my dad.


I loved having flowers in the house, and the thought behind them made them even more special. I even pulled a few of the flowers to use in Emmaline’s newborn session.

  • Newborn Cuddles


Toddlers don’t like to cuddle, at least not for very long. So I soak up every moment I get of having this little nugget snuggle close into me.



Thankful Thursday #16


  • My Little Helper


Rylie loves her little sister, but helping with baby sister is probably her second favorite. I have fallen in love with Rylie’s heart and deep desire to assist me in pretty much every way (until she decides she’s done :P). Whether it’s putting on Emmaline’s pants (like in the photo above), comforting her while I’m changing her diaper or wanting to hold her (which basically is Rylie wrapping her arms around Emmaline while I actually hold her butt and head haha).

  • A Healthy Baby Girl


I love our ped – and I pray I never take for granted the fact that my children are healthy.


Thankful Thursday #17


  • Name Signs


Michelle’s (my mother-in-law) oldest sister sent us a package that contained two beautiful signs with the girl’s name on it. Aaron and I got them hung up over their cribs and we love them!

  • Care Packages


I was surprised to see a medium sized box on my doorstep, particularly because I wasn’t expecting anything. When I saw that it was from a good friend in Seattle, I was curious to say the least, but assumed it was a gift for Emmaline. When I opened it, I was shocked to find all these items that were specifically for me. Each gift had a post-it note on it with a “for when you’re…” note. I was deeply touched by this gesture – mainly because a couple of the items were things I was obsessed with in High School, and the fact that she remembered them, purchased these items AND mailed it to me was such a blessing. ❤




What are you thankful for this week?





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