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logging off… forever || my decision to delete my facebook account

I created my Facebook account in 2007 when I was in 8th grade while I was at a friends house for a sleepover. It was the next big thing in the social media world and all my friends were signing up. My Facebook journey has been all over the place to say the least – from using my nickname, a birth date that put me in my 30s and asking permission from my parents before adding boys as “friends” (something I did until I was 17) to being friended by my now husband and staying up all night IMing getting to know each other before finally getting each other’s phone numbers and 2 years later changing my last name to his after our wedding. I guess 11 years of being on the same social media platform allows for a lot of growth.


But I’m writing this post today to let you know that I will no longer be a part of the Facebook community because I am deactivating my account.




I have had this feeling of “I should just delete it” for over a year now, but I have always made an excuse for why I should keep it. The two biggest reasons were:

  • I need it for my business (SMS Photography and Usborne)
  • This is how family and friends keep up with what I’m doing…


But after some thought and prayer, I’ve decided those two reasons are not enough to keep me on this particular social media platform. I’m tired of the news reports that share the latest Facebook hack and all the drama that is created through my friends online. I frankly don’t mind logging off indefinitely.


With that being said, I want to share with you ways you can keep up with The Shaver Crew should you decide you want to:

  • The Blog 

I really enjoy blogging, and I see God using it to encourage and minister to others, so I will still be blogging and I would love for you to stop by daily or whenever you can and leave a comment at the end of the post.

  • Instagram

I like this form of social media, and I’m happy to have you follow me on there to see photos and check out my Insta-story. You can find me at @sarahmshaver


Social media can be a gift, but when it becomes unhealthy, it’s wise to remove yourself, and Facebook reached a point in my life where it was healthier for me to just log off. I appreciate your understanding and hope that we will still be able to keep in touch. 🙂


8 thoughts on “logging off… forever || my decision to delete my facebook account”

  1. Hi. I think it is great you made the choice to hop of FB. However, I have a question – if you don’t use FB where are you hosting online parties for Usborne? How you found a good way to do this off FB that is just as easy? Thanks!


  2. That’s a good question Kyle. About 5/6 months later I got back on Facebook but with personal strict perimeters. But during my time off Facebook, I tried to get creative and make sales without parties. I knows some consultants have great success with so you can check that out.


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