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beaches + strawberries in Florida

Last week (5.3-5.18), the Shaver Crew went to visit some friends who live in Florida. They actually came for a night a few weeks ago, and generously offered we could come visit them anytime. Since our weekday schedule is more flexible while I’m on maternity leave, we decided this was the best time and head down for a Thursday – Saturday visit.

Our main adventure on Friday (5.4.18) was going to the beach.


It was Rylie’s very first time ever being on a beach and it was so sweet to watch her explore. She was not a fan of the waves rushing towards her, but she loved walking around and playing in the sand. Oh, and eating snacks of course πŸ˜›




Emmaline was an expert at chilling in the shade πŸ™‚





On Saturday (5.5.18), Wes & Britt took us to a strawberry farm that they really enjoy going to. It was our first time picking strawberries and I must say, they were delicious! Rylie loved the rule that you could eat however many you wanted πŸ˜‰






Overall, it was a really fun trip and we were so thankful to our generous hosts for having us. We’ll definitely be back! πŸ˜€

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