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the triplets – 18 months old

It is with a very heavy heart that I start this post off by telling you that Rey is no longer with us 😦


When we moved in December, we left Kylo and Rey at my in-law’s house because our new home did not have a fence, which is a must-have for us before we bring our dogs over. Since they were raised in my in-law’s yard, we were comfortable leaving them in an environment they knew well. They live on a farm with a large forest behind their house that coyotes are known for living in, and it is not uncommon for our pups to roam out of sight, but they always come back before it gets dark. One evening when Rick and Michelle came over to our house for dinner, they shared that they hadn’t seen Rey in a couple days, and just wanted us to be aware. Days turned into weeks and although we were hopeful she would return, it was very unlike her to be gone for longer than a few hours. After a month had passed with no sign of her, we agreed to face to fact that Rey was not going to be coming home. This was especially hard on Kylo, who lost his sister and his kennel mate. He was very depressed for a few days which really concerned us, but after a week or so he bounced back and was his happy, playful self again. We are so bummed that Rey is no  longer a part of our family. She was a good dog and will be greatly missed!


But I did want to continue the tradition of snapping a photo of our November 2016 babies – so here is Kylo + Rylie.



Even though Kylo is still at my in-law’s, he always runs up to our car when we come visit. He gladly welcomes Aaron petting him and he tends to stay especially close to me (I really feel like he and I have a special bond ❤). He loves licking Rylie and he’s not quick to leave her unattended.


We love our Kylo, and we are anxious to have him on our own property again shortly!


If you want to see how our babies have grown, check out these previous blog posts:

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