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thankful thursday #20 & #21

Alrighty, now that my maternity leave is over and I’m back at work, I feel like life is gradually getting back into a flow. And with that flow will [hopefully] bring back the weekly “Thankful Thursday” posts rather than doubling up like I have been the last 6 weeks.


So on that note, you’ll notice that this week’s Thankful Thursday post is doubled 😝 But I hope you can reminisce with me and remember to pick out at least one thing from your week that you are thankful for 😊



Thankful Thursday #20


  • Mom in Town


My mom flew into town to celebrate our graduation with us, and I gotta say it was a wonderful visit. We had a good mix of fun activity and chill time, and she blessed us in quite a few ways. We had some great talks, lots of laughs, and it was so fun to watch her and Rylie interact. Nana always comes with gifts (typically something from my own childhood that she’s kept) and fun jewelry to play with.

  • Commencement


As I’m sure you’ve heard – AARON AND I GRADUATED HIGHLANDS COLLEGE!!! Okay, I’ll simmer down 😝 But we are still so excited and I still feel like it’s a dream that we graduated. It has been such an incredible, fulfilling, hard and exhausting 2 years. But when it all came together at our commencement ceremony, I felt overwhelmed by the accomplishment that we both had achieved. So thankful!

  • Mother’s Day


Honestly, I really don’t need one day out of the year to feel celebrated. I am blessed with a family that celebrates me throughout the year but it was extra sweet to see kiddos making crafts at church and the sweet gestures given to moms on social media. I’m just thankful I get to be a mom! ❤

  • Date Nights

DATE NIGHTS ARE BACK and we are so excited!!! Aaron and I have made it a priority to have a date night once a week but with Emmaline arriving and us adjusting to life with 2 under 2, date nights got put on hold until we got our breathes back. But we had our first one in over a month on Tuesday (5.15.18) and it was great! We tried a new burger place by our house and then went to the theater to see Avengers: Infinity War (if you want to talk about it, I have plenty to say :P).



Thankful Thursday #21


  • Maternity Leave


6 weeks doesn’t seem like a very long time, and it definitely didn’t feel like long enough when I walked into my first day back yawning because Emmaline had woken my up at 1am and 4am to eat, but I am so thankful to have even gotten paid time off to spend with my family and learn about my new little person.

  • A Warm Welcome Back

I officially returned to work on Monday (5.21.18), and even though my boss said he and my coworkers were eagerly awaiting my return, it was sweet to come back and have so many “hey! We missed you. How’s your family?” and “Welcome Back!” emails. I am thankful to have a job that is supportive and understanding of family. I was also greeted with almost 100 unread emails, so that was fun to get through 😝

  • Celebrating Rylie Turning 18 Months Old


Okay, I’ll be honest and admit that I totally forgot about Rylie turning 18 months old on 5.8.18 because that was my last class of Highlands College so I was just focusing on my final paper and practicing presenting my sermon that evening. It really wasn’t until the following week when my mom made a comment about it that I realized I hadn’t even noticed. **face palm** But I quickly recovered and shared a post with all the latest 😊




What are you thankful for this week?

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