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letters to rylie || 18 months old

Dear Rylie,


Can you teach me? I need to learn your secret to having an abundant amount of energy and how you make others smile so much their cheeks hurt. How you find so much joy in the simplest things, like seeing a dog across the street or eating a cheese stick.


You fill our house with so much laughter, and it is one of my favorite sounds. You make me laugh so hard my belly hurts almost every day. You are hilarious, and it makes me excited for when you are saying sentences and I get to hear how you see the world. Something tells me there will be even more laughter.


You love your family so much Rylie. When I think of all the words you say, most of them are family member’s names. I asked you the other day who your best friend was, and you said “Dada” without hesitation. I asked the same questions a couple more times just to make sure, and you said, “Dada” again. You made his day that night. I love the relationship you have with your dad, and I pray that it only grows as you do.


Daddy and I love watching you love your sister. The way you grab her cheeks with both hands and kiss her and walk away proudly with your shoulders back is adorable, and you’ll come back shortly after to give another kiss. And another. And another.


You are so smart! I don’t think I’ll ever forget when Daddy sent me a text message on my first day back at work after my maternity leave and he told me that you got passed the childproof lid on the cold medicine and dumped it on the floor. Or when I looked at you Sunday morning before church and saw that you had my eyeliner and was dotting your face and Emmaline’s legs. 😝


I love how God has given you the gift of joy, and how you use it every day. I love that you make strangers smile and walk around giving high-fives to everyone you see. I love that you can eat your body weight in food at every meal and you always want a fork in your hand even if you don’t end up using it.


I  love seeing the world through your eyes, and I am so thankful to be your mama and enjoy you and your heart every single day.


I love you!




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