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being rylie || 13 – 16 months old


Catching Rylie on video these past 6 months was more sporadic just because so much was going on, but moving to a new house, taking her first steps, becoming a big sister, goodness – she’s had a lot of big things happen😝

If you want to read about Rylie’s milestones and personality, check out this post – “rylie || 13-18 months old

Here’s a compilation of some random videos we took. I hope they make you smile 😊




13 months:


14 months:


15 months:


16 months:




You’ll notice I didn’t include 17 & 18 months. Since Emmaline arrived, our videos are more “family videos.”  That being said,  “being Rylie” posts are now “being Rylie + Emmaline” posts ❤

Stay tuned for their first videos together 😉


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