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random photos of rylie + emmaline – april & may 2018

Life with Rylie has only gotten more interesting these past couple months, and I’ve tried to capture photos of her + her little sister – Emmaline. Per usual, not all of the photos I took made it on the blog but they are still worth sharing – so here’s another compilation of random photos.






Loving the outdoors is nothing new to Rylie!


Playing Kitchen:


Michelle included a cute little apron in Rylie’s Easter basket this year and we brought it out along with the little kitchen Amberyln got her for Christmas and cooked ourselves some yummy dinner 😉


Hanging Out With Daddy:


Aaron trying to take a nap and Rylie lovingly reminding him that that’s not possible when she wants to play 😛




Headed To The Beach


Even though she had no idea what it was like, Rylie was so excited to go to the beach for the first time.


Cute Sleeper:


Emmaline is such a cute sleeper!


Like Grammy & Papa’s House:


Rick and Michelle have paper cups on top of their water jugs to prevent dust collecting. Apparently, Rylie remembered this and she noticed that we did not have this precaution on our water jugs so she pulled some makeshift covers from the nearest cabinet to resolve the issue. Hahahahaha!


Helping Mama:


Rylie was determined to help me write my final HC paper.


Driving Already? :


Gotta teach them young 😉 and don’t worry, we’re in a driveway and no where near other moving cars 🙂


Fun With The Hose:


Rylie loves it when Aaron plays with the hose and sprays her.


Morning Yawns + Stretches:

How adorable!? ❤


Helping Feed Emmaline:


Rylie is all about helping us with anything her little sister might need, including breakfast 😉


“Just Us” Mornings:


It’s not uncommon for the two of us to be awake before everyone else in the house, and even though I may be tired, I love our one-on-one time ❤




Step 1: take q-tips out of their box

Step 2: play with them on the floor

Step 3: put them back in the box one by one



New Views:


On Monday (5.28.18) we looked at the Rylie’s carseat and noticed that she was past the lowest weight of when you can turn the carseat forward. Since her legs were already touching the back of the seat, we were excited to read that it was safe to turn our little one around. She LOVED her new view and said, “ooooooooooo!!!!” often 😀


Helping Papa:


Rylie loved helping Papa at the feed store.


We Love Grapes:


Don’t let this picture fool you, as soon as I took it she stood up and joined her friend in eating grapes 😛

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