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being shaver kids || 17 months old & newborn

After putting a collage of videos together every month since Rylie was a newborn, I knew this was something I wanted to continue. In a mass editing session I did a couple weeks ago catching up on videos from Rylie’s days as a 13 – 16 month old, I got to 17 month old Rylie and realized that Emmaline was there too. Instantly, I realized it was going to be wayyy too much time and energy to try to separate our girls into two videos – and since I view these as our family videos, I decided to just put them together.


“being Rylie” videos are now “being Shaver kids” videos.


Since Emmaline isn’t doing much activity on her own quite yet, these first few videos are probably going to be mainly Rylie and all the hilarious things she’s been up to. But keep watching because I can promise you you are not going to want to miss when Emmaline becomes active. I can already tell these two are going to be quite the pair 😝


So without any further delay, here is their 17 month old and newborn video:

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