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thankful thursday #23

I love these “Thankful Thursday” posts! It’s been such a good way for me to look over the past week and see what stood out to me and openly show thanks for it. I hope you’re continuing this journey with me.


Thankful Thursday #23


  • Team Night


My office likes to schedule a “team night” in the Spring and early Fall to provide an atmosphere for our employees to hang out with each other and do something fun. I was hired at the beginning of August and my first task was to plan our team night that was scheduled for the end of the month. I learned a lot within that experience, so embarking on my second round was easier now that I have worked here for 10 months and I have a feel of my company’s style and the personality of my coworkers.

I planned our event at TopGolf, an incredibly popular activity that has created lots of conversation in the city, and it seemed like a perfect fit for our 25 employees. Everyone who attended seemed to love the activity and the food that was provided by the staff.

I hadn’t golfed since I was 12 years old when my parents took me to a driving range, and I can honestly say I missed pretty much every ball – so I did not have high expectations for myself at TopGolf, and I made some of my coworkers aware of this. Well, I am pleased to say, with some coaching on how to hold the club, I actually did alright 🙂 The way the point system works is a little confusing, but I managed to get 2nd Place out of the 18 team members that attended. 😛 hahaha

  • Friend’s Birthday Parties


I love birthdays, and kid’s birthdays – where there is a theme and little friends gathered – are extra fun for me so I was happy to take our family to attend Cora’s 2nd Birthday Party! Her Minnie Mouse theme was so cute and I melted watching Rylie walk around and hug all her little friends ❤

  • Emmaline Turning 2 Months Old


You can read all about what 2 months with Emmaline is like on her 2 month update post. But if I was to summarize – she is nothing like her sister was at 2 months old but she is oh so sweet and time is going by quickly.




What are you thankful for this week?

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